Weird History

Charlie Chaplin's Many Scandalous And Tumultuous Relationships

If the Little Tramp had lived in the 21st century, he'd probably already be in jail. 

The facts of Charlie Chaplin's sex life are no less scandalous than that of Harvey Weinstein, but because the era in which he lived, they were mostly covered up by studio press agents working overtime to keep people in the dark and the box office receipts pouring in.

It was no secret in Hollywood that Chaplin was a comic genius with a predilection for young girls, yet his libido only came close to killing his career when he was well in his 50s. When it did, it came crashing down in such a way that he retired from the US and public life altogether. 

He did return once, in 1972, when he was given an honorary Oscar. Hollywood's elite turned out to celebrate the man who in part helped make the industry what it is today—and that, in the era of #MeToo, may very well be the problem.