Graveyard Shift

The 'Charlie Charlie' Game Is A DIY Ouija Board So Powerful, One School Had To Call In An Exorcist

For decades children have been using DIY Ouija boards to speak with demons. According to the Charlie Charlie are you there legend, by drawing your own Ouija board and asking some yes or no questions, you can invoke a creature named Charlie and have him tell you about your future. Unfortunately, there’s a catch.

Playing Charlie Charlie, like all demon summoning games, carries a ton of negative ramifications. You aren’t just talking to ghosts to answer your questions, you’re casually chatting with a demon who’s hanging out around your house.

There are plenty of spooky stories about Ouija boards, but the creepy Charlie Charlie school game has a history that’s as macabre as the related demon's intentions. Kids have been possessed or attacked, and more than one player claims to have seen a dark figure watching them after they play.