All Of Charlie Sheens Movies, Ranked

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With more than 700 votes cast, this list of the best Charlie Sheen movies is a great resource for fans looking to explore one of Hollywood's most talked about stars. From his iconic roles in Wall Street and Platoon, to his hilarious turns in comedies like Hot Shots! Part Deux and Scary Movie 3, Charlie Sheen has made an indelible mark on moviegoers everywhere. His career may have had its highs and lows, but there's no denying that he's always brought charm, wit, and energy to every role.

Whether you're looking for some classic '80s humor or a wild ride through action-packed thrills, you'll find it all here in our ranking of the best Charlie Sheen movies. Fans will love reliving their favorite moments from these cult classics as they enjoy watching him play off of talented co-stars. Even those who haven't seen any of these films should check out this list—you never know what new discoveries await. So why not take a look at our rankings today? Vote up your favorites now.

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