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Since the '80s, Charlie Sheen has been a staple of the gossip columns, and at some points in his career it almost seems like he’s actively fishing for attention. In fact, Charlie Sheen sex life tips probably have their own email addresses at the big time rumor mills. To be fair, the man leads an interesting life, and anytime something about him pops up in the news you know you’ve just got to check it out. If you’re looking for Charlie Sheen NSFW information, you’ve definitely come to the right place because this list covers so many salacious details of Charlie Sheen’s sex life that you’re going to need to take a shower after you finish reading.

One of the bonkers things that you’ll learn from this list is that there isn’t just one Charlie Sheen girlfriend, there are actually somewhere closer to a thousand. While perusing these stories, you might take a lesson from John Cryer and start trying to get Charlie Sheen dating advice to make your life more exciting. No matter what you want to learn about the world’s most exciting actor, it's all on this list: Charlie Sheen HIV, and even when he lost his virginity. No topic is out of bounds for this in depth look at the sexual exploits of the man with tiger blood in his veins.

Take a look at these sordid stories about Charlie Sheen’s sex life, then go watch Hot Shots! Part Deux and remember the good old days.

Charlie Sheen Might Be Pan

According to a "top porn director" (whatever that means!), Sheen shelled out thousands of dollars to hang out and get "intimate" with female and male porn stars. Who knew Sheen was so progressive?

He's "Had a Lot of Practice"

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According to one of Sheen's "ex-goddesses," Bree Olsen, the reason that Sheen is so good in bed is that he's had "a lot of practice." She also described the star saying, “He’s just a rock star. He’s a powerhouse."

If You Want to Have Sex with Sheen, You Have to Sign an NDA

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You read that right kids, if you're one of the "lucky" men or women that Sheen decides to take to bed you have to sign a sex contract stating that you won't disclose any information about your clandestine hook up to friends, family, or the media. But why would you?

He Lost His Virginity at 15

In 2012 Sheen took us back to where it all started when he revealed that he lost his virginity at the age of 15 to a prostitute named Candy, while his dad, Martin Sheen, slept in the next room.