unspeakable crimes No, You Idiot, Charlottesville Was Not A False Flag Operation  

Kate Jacobson
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On August 12, white nationalists clashed with counterprotesters in Charlottesville, Virginia. One of the white nationalists – a man named James Alex Fields Jr., who openly admired Adolf Hitler – rammed his car into a crowd of counterprotesters, killing one woman and leaving at least eight others injured. While people around the world condemned the attacks as domestic terrorism, one group claimed the whole thing was a false flag operation organized by high-profile Democrats – specifically a prominent Jewish man. 

Yeah, no. It was a real thing that actually happened, not some sinister plot thought up by Democratic operatives. It was not done to discredit the Republican party, nor was it done as some sort of plot to silence the white supremacy movement or to crack down on freedom of speech. It was done because Fields is a white supremacist bigot who hates people so much he felt compelled to run his car over a group of them. Plain and simple. And, while it shouldn't be necessary to provide evidence to substantiate the veracity of what happened in Charlottesville or to point out all the obvious holes in the false falg theory, here they are.

People Think Some Of The White Nationalist Supporters Were Actually Jewish Actors

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The deadliest part of the situation in Charlottesville occurred when Fields – a 20-year-old Ohio man – rammed his car into a group of counterprotesters. Fields was in town for "Unite the Right," a white supremacy rally organized by several groups, some of which are considered hate groups. Fields himself was seen with Vanguard America, a white supremacy group that organized the rally. At the same time, a counterprotest formed. While organizers walked the streets of Charlottesville, VA, Fields came up to a street they were walking on. He sped up, crashed his car into the back of another, and then drove off. One woman was killed in the crash. Fields was later arrested. 

Not long after, though, noted conspiracy theorist and general crazy person Alex Jones said he believed the protesters were paid actors. And not just paid actors, paid Jewish actors. He said the people dressed up like Nazis were actually Jewish actors who incited violence between legitimate members of the white supremacy groups and the police, which would, in turn, make them look bad. Except there is no hard evidence to support this, and it does not account for the people Fields ran over in his car (or Fields himself).

They Also Believe The Police Were Complicit

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Not only were the people in the street paid actors who were allegedly prepared for a random attack, but the police were also paid off to support the paid actors, according to conspiracy theorists. They pointed to unidentified "evidence" where police were told to stand back against some white nationalists while situations began to escalate. Some believe the police knew certain people were actors posing as neo-Nazis and wanted the situation to get out of control. 

Apparently, In Alex Jones's World, The Jews Paid For This

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Who would organize such a mission against the white supremacy movement? The Jews, of course! And who else than Jewish financier George Soros. This isn't the first time Soros has been accused of "paying protestors" to try and destroy the Republican party. "It was clear once Trump got inaugurated, they were going to go for civil unrest," Jones said of Soros and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Once again, he offered no concrete evidence this was true

Conspiracy Theorists Believe It Was Done To Discredit The Republican Party

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Why would anyone pay actors (and possibly a Jewish man disguised as a lifelong white supremacist neo-Nazi) to do any of these things? Well, because they want to take away power from the Republican party, that's why! And, also, the government wants to limit your right to free speech, and the only way to take that away is through a catastrophic event, such as this. 

“That’s the plan. Trigger the violence because you can’t stop the legitimate free speech,” Jones said in his video, going onto list a bunch of alleged co-conspirators, “the deep state, the Islamists, Hillary, Obama, all the usual suspects."