10 'Charming' Serial Killers And Murderers

Serial killers aren't always monstrous, gnarled freaks with bushy mustaches, bulging guts and pock-marked skin. Many infamous murderers and killers have been looked at as handsome, dapper, and even charming. It's that charm and beauty that helps them get close to their victims, and sometimes helps them blend in to their community.

Many of the killers on this list took advantage of their natural charm to gain the trust of victims before dispatching them. Others racked up major female followings while in prison, even charming groupies into marrying them, despite serving life sentences. A few even took advantage of online "fandom" communities to gain large numbers of preteen girls as fans, even though they killed people.

These charming serial killers are among the most violent criminals of recent memory, and all fooled many with their charm. Read on to learn more about the attractive criminals, good-natured seeming murderers, and charming killers who have committed tragic crimes over the years.
Photo: Donn Dughi / State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory / Wiki Commons