Cheap Thrills Movie Quotes

"Cheap Thrills" movie quotes bring the laughs in this dark comedy movie about two guys who earn money by entertaining a couple with increasingly crazy dares. The film, which was directed by E.L. Katz, was written by Trent Haaga and David Chirchirillo. "Cheap Thrills" debuted at South by Southwest on March 8, 2013, before it was released in the United States on March 24, 2014.

In "Cheap Thrills," Craig (Pat Healy), along with wife Audrey (Amanda Fuller) and baby, are on the verge of losing their apartment to eviction. To make matters worse, Craig just lost his job as an auto mechanic. So to drown his sorrows, Craig heads to a local bar for a drink. There, he runs into friend Vince (Ethan Embry) who encourages him to get drunk.

Before long, Craig and Vince meet Colin (David Koechner) and Violet (Sara Paxton) who are out celebrating Violet's birthday. The wealthy couple have a strange idea for their own entertainment. They offer Craig and Vince increasing amounts of cash to perform simple tasks. But it doesn't take long for the four of them to end up at Craig and Violet's home where things get increasingly violent and scary. With his family's home on the line, Craig is forced to make tough decisions to keep that cash flowing.

"Cheap Thrills" hits theaters which are already jam-packed with hits like the "Veronica Mars" movie, "Need for Speed," "Mr. Peabody and Sherman," "300: Rise of an Empire," "The Grand Budapest Hotel," "Monuments Men," "Winter's Tale," "RoboCop (2014), "About Last Night," "Vampire Academy," "The Lego Movie," "Gimme Shelter," "I, Frankenstein," "Ride Along," "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit," "The Wolf of Wall Street, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues," "Her," "American Hustle," "12 Years a Slave," and "Frozen".

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    This Idea for An Awesome Night

    This Idea for An Awesome Night
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    Vince: "Hey Craig, these guys want to buy our next round, man."
    Colin: "I'm Colin. This is my wife, Violet. It's Violet's birthday today so we thought we'd go out on the town, get a little crazy. Violet and I came up with this idea for an awesome night."
    Vince: "What do we have to do?"
    Colin: "Whichever one of you fellas does this shot first gets $50. Boom!"
    Craig: "Wait, what?"
    Colin: "Oh! Meanwhile, wait, what?"

    Craig and Vince meet Colin and Violet in the bar and learn of their interesting proposal. Colin and Violet want to be entertained and are willing to pay Craig and Vince for just that.
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    $500 If You Hit Him First

    $500 If You Hit Him First
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    Colin: "This place is bulls***, Vince."
    Vince: "This place is f***ing awesome."
    Colin: "No touching! Come on, I'll tell you what, I'll give you $200 whoever touches that stripper's ass with a slap."
    Craig: "Oh, come on!"
    Vince: "$200?"
    Colin: "Yeah"
    Craig: "No, don't, man"
    Colin: "That was too good."
    Craig: "How about we laugh about it in the car? All right?"
    Vince: "Slow down, Turbo."
    Craig: "Look, never mind. You know what, Vince, it was great catching up with you, nice meeting you guys but you know what, I've gotta get home."
    Vince: "Come on, Craig! Are you kidding me, Craig? Come on!"
    Bouncer: "Hey, asshole!"
    Craig: "What? What are you doing? What's up?"
    Bouncer: "You the one who hit one of our girls?"
    Craig: "No! I didn't do it. It wasn't me. I swear to god."
    Bouncer: "You lying piece of s***. I'll f*** you up!"
    Colin: "Craig, $500 if you hit him first."

    The four new friends get bored with the strip club and plan to leave but not without one last cheap thrill before they leave. While Vince earns $200 for slapping the butt of a stripper, Craig earns $500 for punching out the bouncer who comes to find who touched one of his girls.
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    Cut Your Pinky Off

    Cut Your Pinky Off
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    Vince: "Let's keep this going, huh? What do you want me to do next?"
    Colin: "Cut your pinky off. It's your pinky. You use it for like nothing."
    Craig: "I'll do it."
    Vince: "I'll do it for 22."
    Craig: "21"
    Vince: "20"
    Craig: "19"
    Vince: "I said shut your mouth… 18"
    Colin: "All right"
    Craig: "15 thousand dollars"
    Vince: "You're going to cut off your pinky for 15 thousand dollars? That's a finger."
    Craig: "I need that money for my family. It's not like it's gone forever."
    Vince: "Okay, I'm going to count to three. One…"
    Craig: "Wait, wait, wait, just…"
    Vince: "One…"
    Craig: "Wait"
    Vince: "Three!"

    Things go from good clean fun to losing body parts and fast once the crew heads back to Colin and Violet's home. Colin wants to see someone cut off their pinky finger and he's offering $25,000, or the lowest bid, to whoever will do just that.
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    You Need to Get a Little Intoxicated

    You Need to Get a Little Intoxicated
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    Craig: "I'm in trouble with me."
    Vince: "What's going on?"
    Craig: "I don't have a job since like an hour ago. We got an eviction notice this morning. If I don't pay in a few days, we're going to be out on the street."
    Vince: "You know what you need? You need to get a little intoxicated with a buddy of yours."
    Craig: "All right, for just a little bit"

    Craig runs into friend Vince at a local bar. He certainly doesn't have money to spend on getting drunk, though it does sound like a good way to drown his sorrows.
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    You Will Never Forget This Night

    You Will Never Forget This Night
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    Colin: "You will never forget this night. Even if you never see us again, you will never forget us. I think that's awesome."

    Colin explains how Craig and Vince will not forget this night. It seems like an innocent remark at the time but perhaps there is a secondary intent behind that statement.
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    Talk to Doug About the Raise

    Talk to Doug About the Raise
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    Craig: "Bye"
    Audrey: "Are you going to have time to talk to Doug about the raise today?"

    Craig's sad family situation is highlighted early in the film. With a wife and baby at home, Craig needs money and fast or they will be evicted. Unfortunately for them, instead of getting that raise, Craig just got fired.
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