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People Describe the Moment They Caught Their SO's Cheating

The ability to love and be loved is arguably one of the best parts of being human. However, with great perks, come great responsibilities. For some people, monogamy just isn't their thing which is totally cool, as long as their partner is aware of it and has agreed to being in an open relationship. For those unfortunate people who fall victim to cheating lovers, the heartbreak and sadness can render them helpless. The only way their situation could get any worse is if they caught their partner in the act. That's exactly what happened to these poor souls.

Betrayed lovers took to Reddit to talk about what it was like when they caught their significant other with another lover. Their stories may give you some trust issues of your own!

  • Vet gets a surprise after deployment

    "Came home from deployment, ready to see my girl. Flight from Kyrgyzstan had been delayed, so my arrival time was a surprise. Been dating for 3 years. Walk in my home after taking note of the strange car in the driveway. As soon as I am up the stairs I can hear her moaning. For some reason my initial thought was 'Oh, she's masturbating'. I'm excited because I havent seen a woman in months. Walk in our bedroom and find some out of shape f*ckhead drilling my girl. She catches me out of the corner of her eye, we make eye contact, I sprint for my pistol I kept in the nightstand. He falls over himself right out of my bed, she screams. I scream "What the F*CK?!" and start waving my pistol in both of their faces. HE starts crying, she's screaming. I break down and start sobbing like a little b*tch. I'm barely getting out a constant repeat of "how could you do this" and "I f*cking loved you". She just keeps saying she's sorry, he's tucked in the corner hugging his knees. I can't control my heart. Worst pain I've ever felt. So of course, I turn the gun to my own head, and start crying "would this be better?" She begs me to calm down, I tell her to shut the f*ck up. The tears stop, I stop shaking. I tell her to get the f*ck out. They both dash out of my house and drive off with little next to sheets for clothing. I called up a friend and he came over and took me to the psych ward at the military hospital. This is 2 years ago. I still miss her, I still love her, and I just wish I had the balls to pull the trigger. Haven't been with anyone since. Yay life!"
  • Man walks in on girlfriend cheating on him; cracks up

    "Went to her apartment. Saw her f*cking some guy I'd never seen before. Before I can say anything, she says, 'It isn't what it looks like!' I cracked up - who the hell even says that when they're caught cheating? While I'm laughing, I manage to ask her what it is, if it's not what it looks like. After a little bit where she tries to come up with an excuse, I tell her we're through and walk out. Weirdest five minutes of that year."
  • Man walks in on his girlfriend with her ex-husband; collapses

    "I broke. I literally felt something in me die. This was five years ago, and only in the last eight, nine months have I felt better about it. I walked into my apartment, and her and her ex-husband were in my bed. which was a huge 'f*ck you!' to me, because they both had their own places. So, I walk in, see them, grab him by the throat (I know, I know), drag him outside, and throw him into the parking lot. I'm a big dude, I'm 6'8", 220lbs. So I throw him into the parking lot, and she's yelling at me, 'PLEASE DON'T KILL HIM'... I just wanted him out of my house. I wasn't going to hurt or kill the guy. She's running around, picking up her things, his things, and shouting excuses at me. 'Oh, it was just a one time thing... We were bored and it was a mistake... We were drinking this morning, and this was stupid.' I just looked at her and said, 'Don't ever speak to me again. You f*cking disgust me.' Then I fell onto my couch and cried. he was standing there, watching me, and she tried to walk over and hug me, because now she was crying too. I pushed her away from me. I cried non-stop for the rest of the day. Fell into a deep, deep, depression, started doing painkillers, drinking, pretty much every drug I could get my hands on. It hurt so bad, mentally, that it was physically crippling. The hardest part wasn't even breaking up with her, it was not talking to her daughter, who was going to be my step daughter. We went everywhere together. I took her to preschool, we'd go to the mall every Friday and get ice cream, I'd buy her some toys or clothes, whatever struck my eye. I've since moved to a different state, got a good job, and got my life back together. I have an AMAZING girlfriend. She looks at me with love, and I look at her, and I see hope in her eyes. It took YEARS, but things finally actually turned around."
  • Woman asks friend to babysit to go cheat with her boyfriend

    "My 'friend' asked me to babysit her baby cause she had some errands to run (baby was 11 months old). I have her kid with me all day, kid pukes all over her clothes, my friend had left me the key to her house in case I needed anything for the baby. So I go to the house, open the door, and find my friend riding my boyfriend. So basically, she had me watch her kid so she could f*ck my boyfriend. I would like to say I was the bigger person, but I put the baby in its crib and smacked the sh*t out of both of them and left."