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24 Creative Exam Hacks to Help You Cheat

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It's happened to just about everyone. You have a test coming up and you've completely forgotten to study. Or, you have a test coming up and you just don't want to study because there are better ways to spend your time, like living your life for example. Well, if that situation is happening right now for you, here are some clever ways to cheat on a test. No one is saying you should cheat, but if you want to that is your life choice and maybe you need a little help mastering the art of the con.

These are a few borderline genius ways to cheat just in case you want to. After all, knowing how to cheat on a test might even be considered an exercise in creativity, especially if taken to the level of some of these genius cheaters who have taken the concept to new heights.

Maybe you’re “just curious” about the best ways to cheat, even though of course you’d never do such a thing, this is still a great list to peruse. Why? Because some of the cheating methods these people on here have come up with are so out there that you would have never come up with them in a million years.