A Cheeky Monkey Gets Into Heated Fist Fight With A Passing Dog  

Jadyn Beyer

It's official:  The only thing more watchable than a dog video is a video with a dog AND a monkey. When a monkey started to play-fight with a street dog, everything seemed to be in good fun until it wasn't.

In Northern India, troops of monkeys are as prevalent as, well, packs of wild dogs in other countries. It stands to reason that these monkeys would get into scuffles with other local animals, and while the dog might have originally thought the monkey was playing by his descent into play position, things turned out quite differently.

The unperturbed locals are apparently accustomed to these odd interactions, but it is bizarre for anyone who does not regularly see monkeys roaming the streets. 

Watch the video yourself to witness a truly unusual match-up (and to see the ultimate fighting champion)!