The Biggest "Hell Yeah" Movie And TV Moments Of 2022

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Have you ever sat down to watch a show or excellent action movie and found yourself screaming "Hell yeah!" at the top of your lungs when something completely amazing happens? Perhaps you did so with a fist pump when Luke Skywalker revealed himself on The Mandalorian in 2020, but what about in 2022?

There were tons of unforgettable moments in TV and film throughout 2022 that qualify as “Hell yeah!” moments, so odds are, one or two got you throughout the year. This list examines the best “Hell yeah!" moments from movies and television in 2022, so take a look, and be sure to upvote your favorites before you go!

  • Eddie Playing Metallica In The Upside Down In 'Stranger Things'
    Photo: Netflix

    One of the best characters introduced in Stranger Things' fourth season is, without a doubt, Eddie Munson. The drug-dealing, metal-loving high school student is arguably the best Dungeon Master seen on the small screen, and the fans loved him. His story is tragic, but he plays a significant role in taking down Vecna during the season's conclusion.

    After heading into the Upside Down, Eddie stands atop a trailer and offers up the most metal rendition of Metallica's “Master of Puppets.” The above picture is the cover of any metal album from the 1970s and ‘80s, and this scene was absolutely metal in the best way possible. Anyone who sat through it and wasn’t impressed may have been sleeping and should give it another go.

  • Naru Out-Hunting The Predator In 'Prey'
    Photo: Hulu

    Prey is easily one of the best films in the Predator franchise, largely because it's something of a return to form. It pits one skilled warrior against the Predator and does this remarkably well. Naru is not only a skilled fighter but also incredibly intelligent and more than capable of fighting a cunning enemy.

    As she eludes and opposes the Predator throughout the movie, she pays attention to its weapons and tactics. She observes the function of his shoulder cannon and comes up with a plan to use it to her advantage. She leaps onto its back and stabs it before being thrown to the ground.

    The Predator comes after her but is interrupted by Naru's dog, so she leads her enemy into several traps she laid out for him before grabbing the Predator's spear, which she uses to cut off its arm. She loses this advantage and takes him to the swamp, where he becomes stuck in the mud. He fires his weapon, but Naru places his mask in such a way as to have his own weapons come back and take him out.

  • Kino Leading The Prison Riot In 'Andor'
    Photo: Disney+

    Andor is being praised by fans and critics alike as one of the best new additions to the Star Wars franchise in years. The series is more grounded in reality than anything that came before it because it doesn't focus on the Jedi, Sith, or the Force in any way; instead, it's all about the people of the galaxy and how the Empire affects their lives.

    There are a number of intense action sequences throughout the first season of Andor, and the story takes the viewer from one to the next. Still, the best one is easily the prison break scene because it's somehow relatable and sympathetic to the viewer. That's primarily due to Kino Loy's decision to abandon his hope of release and join Andor in escaping.

    He's no longer the leader of his shift; he becomes the leader of the prison break and delivers a powerful speech to everyone captive inside. When the prisoners gain their freedom, they come to a platform high above the sea, and as the men are jumping to freedom, Kino looks at Andor and admits, “I can't swim,” as Andor is pushed off the platform, leaving Kino behind.

  • Viserys Settling The Succession Of Driftmark In 'House of the Dragon'
    Photo: HBO

    As House of the Dragon progresses from one episode to the next in its first season, King Viserys I goes from a youthful leader to a decrepit old man. When the issue of the heir to the throne of Driftmark is raised, the King slowly makes his way into the court, taking his place on the Iron Throne.

    This is an intense moment, showing how much Viserys loves his daughter. He insists the issue was settled long ago, but when Vaemond calls Princess Rhaenyra's children “b*stards” and their mother a “wh*re,” Viserys leaps to his feet with renewed vigor, brandishes his knife, and condemns Vaemond to lose his tongue. Before this can happen, Daemon slices his head in half.

  • Top Gun: Maverick did not disappoint in its long-awaited delivery of the end of Maverick's story, and like the first film, it features a ton of dogfights. The scenes shot in real aircraft are amazing, and they truly bring the viewer inside with the pilot, making for an intense movie-watching experience.

    One of the best scenes comes toward the end when Maverick and Rooster are out of ammunition, and a missile comes streaking toward them from a 5th-generation fighter on their nose. It misses but turns back and fires at them - and they're out of everything, including flares! Fortunately, at the last second, Hangman comes onto the scene, blasting the enemy out of the air the moment he fires a missile, which explodes alongside him.

  • The Batman is a return to form for the Caped Crusader, as he makes his way through an investigation and beats the snot out of plenty of goons throughout the film. While he visits the Iceberg Lounge more than once, one time he shows up at the door and pummels his way inside.

    As he makes his way through the club, he meets a bit of resistance and handles it the only way Batman knows how: with his fists and feet. What follows is a massive fight scene that plays out for several minutes. It's brilliantly choreographed and is one of the best fight scenes in any superhero movie, making it an easy contender for a “Hell yeah!” moment.