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The Best Kinds of Cheesecake

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Rich and decadent, with a signature velvety texture, cheesecake is a popular dessert around the world. These distinctive cakes are made with soft cheese, such as cream cheese, ricotta, or mizithra, sweetened with sugar and baked or simply chilled in a springform pan to hold their shape. From there, though, cheesecakes can be accented with any number of flavors. Cheesecake varieties can range from rich and chocolatey to light and fruit-filled. But the best types of cheesecake? Those are up to the diner to decide.

What kinds of cheesecake tempt your sweet tooth? Maybe you're a fan of the classic New York-style cheesecake. This spin on the tasty treat is known for its dense, smooth texture, resulting from the use of heavy or sour cream. If you prefer the fresh flavors of fruits and berries, you might crave a slice of strawberry or blueberry cheesecake. There are even cheesecakes that incorporate Oreo cookies and dark chocolate – the perfect choice for indecisive dessert lovers.

Feeling hungry yet? It's time to decide the very best cheesecake flavor of all. Vote your favorite desserts up to the top of the list by giving them a thumbs up, and please add any cheesecake varieties that are missing.