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Chef's Table Chefs Whose Food You Want To Eat The Most

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If you consider yourself a "foodie," or just a normal person who appreciates a good meal, you're probably already watching Chef's Table on Netflix. One of the best original Netflix shows, the documentary series is shamelessly serious about food. The Chef's Table cast is made up of big name chefs, one of which is profiled each week. Installments dive deep into that chef's passions, struggles, mindset, and reasons for creating. Every avid viewer has a mental list of their favorite Chef's Table chefs. Maybe you saw the Francis Mallmann Chef's Table episode and immediately dreamed of dining by a roaring fire in Patagonia. Perhaps you loved the episode about Buddhist nun Jeong Kwan and hope to one day make a pilgrimage to her temple. Whatever appeals to you about the chefs featured on the series, use this list to recall your favorites and plan the Chef’s Table restaurants you want to hit up next time you happen to be in the right city.

  • 1

    Massimo Bottura

    Restaurant: Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy
    Featured In: Season 1, Episode 1 
    Food: Italian dishes like A Potato Wanting to Be a Truffle, The Crunchy Part of Lasagna, and Oops I Dropped The Lemon Tart 

  • 2

    Restaurant: AlineaNext, The Aviary, and Roister in Chicago, Illinois.
    Featured In: Season 2, Episode 1 
    Food: Inventive New American dishes with ingredients like rabbit, morels, fiddleheads, sorrel, and Redwoods

  • 3

    Francis Mallmann

    Restaurant: El Restaurante Patagonia Sur in Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Featured In: Season 1, Episode 3
    Food: Uses open-fire cooking methods to create truly unique foods like trout baked in clay and lamb smoked in the forest

  • 4

    Jeong Kwan

    Restaurant: Chunjinam Hermitage at the Baekyangsa Temple, South Korea
    Featured In: Season 3, Episode 1 
    Food: Vegan dishes using ingredients like eggplant, basil, tomatoes, plums, oranges, and pumpkins

  • 5

    Ivan Orkin

    Restaurant: Ivan Ramen in New York City and Tokyo, Japan
    Featured In: Season 3, Episode 4
    Food: Orkin, one of the best ramen chefs in the world, makes classic, unpretentious ramen dishes. 

  • 6

    Niki Nakayama

    Restaurant: N/Naka Restaurant in Los Angeles, United States
    Featured In: Season 1, Episode 4 
    Food: Modern Japanese kaiseki cuisine, including a multi-course Japanese tasting menu with dishes like scallops with fresh peas and caviar that is adapted to highlight seasonal ingredients


  • 7

    RestaurantMozza and chi SPACCA in Los Angeles, United States
    Featured In: Season 3, Episode 3
    Food: Artisan breads and other carby delights like ricotta and egg raviolo 

  • 8

    Christina Tosi

    Restaurant: Milk Bar in New York City and Los Angeles
    Featured In: Season 4, Episode 1 
    Food: Simple desserts (like cookies, pies, and cakes) and her signature sweet drink "cereal milk"

  • 9

    Dominique Crenn

    Restaurant: Atelier Crenn in San Francisco, California
    Featured In: Season 2, Episode 3
    Food: Experimental French dishes like abalone and brioche with waygu butter stand out as favorites 

  • 10

    Jordi Roca

    Restaurant: El Celler de Can Roca in Girona, Spain
    Featured In: Season 4, Episode 3
    Food: Creative sweet concoctions like sheep’s milk ice cream, edible spun wool, and cigar smoke-infused ice cream 

  • 11

    Corrado Assenza

    Restaurant: Caffè Sicilia in Noto, Italy
    Featured In: Season 4, Episode 2 
    Food: Italy’s finest sweets like cannoli, gelati, and granita 

  • 12

    Ana Roš

    Restaurant: Hiša Franko in Kobarid, Slovenia
    Featured In: Season 2, Episode 5 
    Food: A range of cuisine featuring local ingredients, such as bone marrow ravioli with sheep cottage cheese and prosciutto broth

  • 13

    Mashama Bailey

    Restaurant: The Grey in Savannah, Georgia
    Featured In: Season 6, Episode 1
    Food: Draws on the knowledge and culinary history of the Southern African American chefs who came before her.

  • 14

    Sean Brock

    Restaurant: Husk in Charleston, South Carolina, United States
    Featured In: Season 6, Episode 4 
    Food: A focus on preserving southern food crops and culinary traditions.

  • 15

    Virgilio Martínez

    Restaurant: Central in Lima, Peru
    Featured In: Season 3, Episode 6
    Food: Indigenous ingredients elevated with modern culinary techniques like potatoes baked in a soil oven 

  • 16

    Enrique Olvera

    Restaurant: Pujol in Mexico City, Mexico
    Featured In: Season 2, Episode 4
    Food: Mexican cuisine like octopus with habanero ink and cauliflower, almond salsa macha, and chile de árbol

  • 17

    Gaggan Anand

    Restaurant: Gaggan in Bangkok, Thailand
    Featured In: Season 2, Episode 6
    Food: Traditional Indian food, served from a 25-course tasting menu that uses only emojis to describe the dishes, described as "a way to transcend language barriers." 

  • 18

    Asma Khan

    Restaurant: Darjeeling Express, London, United Kingdom
    Featured In: Season 6, Episode 3
    Food: Based on the secret recipes of her family's Royal Muglai roots.

  • 19

    Alex Atala

    Restaurant: D. O. M. in São Paulo, Brazil
    Featured In: Season 2, Episode 2
    Food: Brazilian-inspired foods made with jambu, a Brazilian herb that numbs the lips and tongue, causes salivation, and changes the flavors of the dishes 

  • 20

    Magnus Nilsson

    Restaurant: Fäviken in Järpen, Sweden
    Featured In: Season 1, Episode 6
    Food: Nordic-influenced cuisine, made with local ingredients only, such as diced cubes of raw beef heart, shaved carrot, and green sage salt

  • 21

    Vladimir Mukhin

    Restaurant: White Rabbit in Moscow, Russia
    Featured In: Season 3, Episode 2
    Food: Russian dishes like rabbit and mini cabbage rolls in foie gras with potato crisps and truffle juice as well as roast suckling pig and Black Sea oysters 

  • 22

    Ben Shewry

    Restaurant: Attica in Melbourne, Australia
    Featured In: Season 1, Episode 5
    Food: Australian dishes like salted raw red kangaroo with native bunya bunya nuts and purple carrot

  • 23

    Tim Raue

    Restaurant: Restaurant Tim Raue in Berlin, Germany
    Featured In: Season 3, Episode 4 
    Food: Thai, Chinese, and Japanese inspired cuisines like pork knuckle with dashi and Japanese mustard 

  • 24

    Restaurant: Blue Hill Restaurant at Stone Barns and in New York City, United States
    Featured In: Season 1, Episode 2 
    Food: A farm-to-table advocate, Barber works closely with plant breeders to develop better tasting crops, so picture things like a simple tomato marinara sauce, but made with the absolute best-tasting tomatoes imaginable

  • 25

    Dario Cecchini

    Restaurant: Solociccia in Panzano, Tuscany, Italy
    Featured In: Season 6, Episode 2
    Food: Part of a family line of butchers.