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Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Chelsea Handler

Updated 14 Jun 2019 58.8k views14 items

It's hard to take Chelsea Handler seriously, and that's probably because she doesn't want you to. But despite her best efforts, Handler is slowly becoming a comedian with a purpose. With her talk show Chelsea and documentary series Chelsea Does, Handler started diving into some deeper territory. Not one to shy away from controversy, Handler has inadvertently (or maybe even purposely) become one of the most influential stars in Hollywood (Time even placed her on their list). 

Only recently has Handler given fans and viewers a glimpse into her personal life. From all the joking anecdotes and stories she shares on stage, it's hard to gauge what's real and what's fake in Handler's history. But there's no denying she's a star. From playing on an all-female Punk'd style prank show to becoming one of late night's most viable entertainers, Handler must be doing something right. 

If you're wondering who Chelsea Handler really is, then prepare to see a new side of the sharp-tongued comedian. Chelsea Handler trivia and facts prove that she's a tough, smart, and surprisingly generous star. Behind all the raunchy quotes, Handler's bio is actually quite impressive and unique. There's a lot you probably don't know about Handler's biography. In fact, some of the most interesting facts about Chelsea Handler can only come straight from the comedian's own mouth.

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