The Most Insane Things Cher Has Ever Tweeted

Cher's Twitter account is chock-full of memorable and quintessentially Cher tweets - from her prolific emoji use, her almost unintelligible rants, and her love of cats and shoes, she's gained a following of loyal chickadees, as well as her fair share of haters. Sh*t Cher Says has even taken off on Tumblr, showcasing the very best of her tweet rants. But just what kind of weird Cher tweets are you in for if you give her a follow?

Check out the diva's most insane (and unforgettable) tweets below, and get in on the weird, funny, and outright bombastic Twitter moments from this music legend. You can call her a lot of things, but you certainly can't call her boring!

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    When She Dubbed Her Own Language "CMoji"

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    When She Highly Endorsed Emojis

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    When She Unleashed This Stream of Consciousness

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    When There Were Cher Vampire Santas

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    When We Found Out That She Doesn't Have a Last Name

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    When She Made a Dire Confession

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