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Creepiest Ghost Stories From Chicago

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Chicago is a city with its own fair share of tragedy and pain. Natural disasters, horrible accidents, and bloody mass slayings are deeply ingrained in the city's culture and past, creating a series of terrifying urban legends and ghost stories. The ghost stories about Chicago are some of the creepiest in the United States, but they also highlight just how much the city has been through since it was formed. Below, you'll find a list of some of the most haunted places in Chicago and a few Chicago ghosts you never want to run into.

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    The Italian Bride

    Although Mt. Carmel cemetery is home to Al Capone and other notorious gangsters, the interment ground is more well-known for another famous resident : the mysterious Italian Bride.

    Her real name was Julia Buccola-Petta and she perished during childbirth at a very young age in 1921. After she was interred in the cemetery, her mother started getting really strange dreams where Julia would say she was still alive and needed help. After six years of these dreams, her mother finally had the body exhumed. When the casket was opened, everyone was shocked to find that Julia's body had not decayed one bit since she was put to rest. No explanation has ever been given. With those mysterious circumstances, it's not surprising that many have reported seeing a ghostly woman in white haunting Julia's grave.

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    Flight 191

    One of the worst airline disasters in American history happened in Chicago in 1979, when Flight 191 dropped from the sky shortly after taking off from O'Hare International. It took the lives of everyone on board, all 271 passengers and crew. After a lengthy investigation, the incident was chalked up to a number of factors, including a stress crack in a flange that held the engine pylon. The entire community was changed forever after that fateful day.

    It wasn't long before reports of ghostly activity surrounding the impact site started to emerge. People started to claim seeing odd, bobbing white lights, but no source was ever found. The creepiest stories came from a small mobile home park adjacent to the site, where for months after the incident, residents kept reporting frantic knocking at their doors, but no one was ever there. To this day, there are still frequent reports of weird knockings, strange sounds, and a few spirits roaming about the area.

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    Resurrection Mary

    Resurrection Mary
    Photo: Juhana Leinonen / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    Resurrection Mary is one of Chicago's most famous ghost stories. It involves a young woman who wanders the streets around Resurrection Catholic Cemetery, scaring unsuspecting good Samaritans who stop to help her get home.

    One popular legend about how she came to be states that she was a young woman in the early 1930s who really loved to dance. She liked to go out to dance halls and have a good time. One night, she was hit by a passing car on her way home. She was then laid to rest at the cemetery in her favorite dancing clothes.

    Now, her spirit roams the place around the cemetery and even the dance halls. Mary still likes to go to dance halls, and after she finds a boy to dance with for the night, she asks him for a ride home. She tells her date that she lives on the cemetery grounds because her father is the caretaker - then when they arrive at the cemetery, she disappears right in front of her his eyes.

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    The Haunted Water Tower

    The Great Fire of 1871 still stands as one of the worst events to ever happen to Chicago. It took the lives of 300 people and over 100,000 lost their homes. One thing that miraculously stayed standing amongst the destruction was the water tower, mostly thanks to the work of one brave worker.

    The man stayed behind as the fire raced toward the tower, manning the pumps instead of fleeing. Just before the fire consumed him, he took his life to avoid being burned alive. Now, his ghost haunts the very water tower he tried to protect. Tourists and locals report seeing a shadowy figure of a dangling man from the tower's upstairs windows.