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Memes To Express Why Kansas City Chiefs Fans Are The Worst

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The Kansas City Chiefs have not won a Super Bowl since 1969, but after winning the AFC West in 2018, it looked like the team finally had a real chance to win it all. That chance was crushed by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in overtime during the AFC Championship game, and Chiefs haters rejoiced. Here’s a look at 17 hilarious anti Chiefs memes.

These Kansas City Chiefs memes share a few common themes. Some bring up the futility of the franchise, while others berate the KC fansbase and their endless string of excuses. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes may or may not be a franchise saviour, but we do know that he won’t bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Kansas City during his first full year as a starter.

Are you a hater of Andy Reid, loathe Travis Kelce, or just simply dislike the KC fanbase in general? Make your voice heard. Vote up your favorite Chiefs fans memes.

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    Second Place Loser

    Photo: Kansas City Chiefs Haters / Facebook
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    I Would Do Anything For Love...But I Won't Do That

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    It's Definetly Been A While

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    Time To Fold

    Photo: Kansas City Chiefs Haters / Facebook
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