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Child Actors Who Went On To Become Legitimate Musicians

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Child actors-turned-musicians are no rarity in Hollywood, but not all of them are successful. While it's no surprise when a young actor grows up to continue acting or take on other roles in the vast multimedia industry, others don't quite fit that mold. Some embark on a path that absolutely shreds.

Whether they discovered their musical talents early on or developed the knack later in their career, the following actors are now legitimate musicians in their own right.

  • What She Starred In: Young viewers were introduced to Miley Cyrus as the Disney Channel starlet Hannah Montana, a role she played from 2006-2011.

    What She's Doing Now: Breaking away from her role as Disney's Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus graduated to international pop stardom. Topping multiple Billboard charts, Miley has moved well beyond the shadow of her famous musician father, Billy Ray Cyrus.

    • Age: 27
    • Birthplace: Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America

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  • What He Starred In: Drake originally played the tragic Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi, the Canadian teen drama that ran from 2001 until 2015.

    What He's Doing Now: Anyone who watched Degrassi while growing up already knew who Drake was as soon as he stepped foot on the music scene. Since the late 2000s, Drake has enjoyed a successful career in music as a hip-hop singer and songwriter.

    • Age: 33
    • Birthplace: Toronto, Canada

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  • What She Starred In: Child star Jenny Lewis appeared in the '80s hit movies Troop Beverly Hills and The Wizard, as well as the TV show Brooklyn Bridge.

    What She's Doing Now: In the mid-'90s, Lewis switched gears and took off as the singer and guitarist of the band Rilo Kiley, which remained active until 2011. She's since released multiple albums as a solo act, simply known as Jenny Lewis.

    • Age: 44
    • Birthplace: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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  • What She Starred In: Fergie was a hit child actress and singer on the '80s show Kids Incorporated. Starring in six seasons, Fergie was the longest-running cast member of the show.

    What She's Doing Now: Fergie might be known among millennials as the "Fergalicious" female singer of the Black Eyed Peas, but she has since left the group to perform and tour solo.

    • Age: 45
    • Birthplace: Hacienda Heights, California, United States of America

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