Child Actors Who Grew Up On Popular TV Shows
Photo: Who's The Boss? / ABC

Child Actors Who Grew Up On Popular TV Shows

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The catch of being a child actor on TV shows is the world watches you grow up. (That includes any awkward years.) There have been a whole lot of cases, with actors starting out either before they were teenagers or growing up from being teenagers to adulthood. While it's not completely apparent while watching the shows at a stretch, jumping from the first season to the last one shows just how dramatically transformed these child actors became by the series' finales.

Here are child actors who basically grew up in front of our eyes. 

  • Alyssa Milano On 'Who's The Boss?'
    Photo: ABC

    Who's the Boss? had its premise surround the main character moving to a new neighborhood to provide for his daughter Sam, who was played by then-11-year-old Alyssa Milano. In the show's conclusion, she marries her boyfriend Hank eight years after the series premiered. 

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  • Angus T. Jones On 'Two And A Half Men'
    Photo: CBS

    Angus T. Jones' Jake Harper was the "half man" in the Two and a Half Men series, being only 10 years old when the show began. Although he left as a permanent cast member in Season 10, he was already 20 years old by that time. He returned for the series finale as a 22-year-old, where his character had gotten married.

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  • Jodie Sweetin On 'Full House'
    Photo: ABC

    Jodie Sweetin was only 5 years old when she started playing Stephanie Tanner on Full House with her character in kindergarten during the first season and starting high school by the end. She continued in the role for the next eight years and was about to turn 13 (although she looked older) when the series concluded.

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  • Christopher Knight On 'The Brady Bunch'
    Photo: ABC

    Christopher Knight spent his transformative years on The Brady Bunch as the middle son of the family. As can be seen, his physical maturity was evident by the time the series closed its doors.

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  • Melissa Gilbert On 'Little House On The Prairie'
    Photo: NBC

    Melissa Gilbert starred as the main character in Litte House on the Priairie, a role she began playing the age of 10. The show ran for nine years, by which point she had grown into a young woman at the age of 19.

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  • Tatyana Ali On 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air'
    Photo: NBC

    Tatyna Ali appeared as Ashley Banks, initially the youngest child of the Banks family. She was a preteen when the series premiered and had enrolled into performance arts school six years later when the finale aired.

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