35 Ridiculous Reasons Children Had Complete Meltdowns

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Being a kid can be tough when things don't go your way. Sometimes, even the smalled things can push someone over the edge. We turned to r/askreddit and found the most ridiculous things that made children say "I just can't take it anymore." Vote up your favorite meltdown stories below. 

  • 1. Losing The Race

    Posted on Reddit by u/l3enjamin:

    Me and 5yo on the way to the bowling alley, mom 2 cars behind us. We pull in and park “why didn’t we beat mommy here, how did she beat us” meanwhile mom is parking beside us while we’re already parked. She then proceeds to start crying and screaming because we didn’t get to the parking lot first even though we were parked and out of the car when her mom pulled up.




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  • 2. Being In A French Fry Funk

    Posted on Reddit by u/elmsa517:

    One day my son got extremely upset because his French fry was too long, so I broke it in half. The French fry was then, too short. Absolute meltdown.

    29 votes
  • 3. The Dog In Airbud

    Posted on Reddit by u/garrywarry:

    Because the dog in Airbud climbed out the window to get the newspaper. The dog isn't allowed to do that, he should stay in the house. We didn't even get to the sad part of the movie because of major meltdowns over minor things like that.

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  • 4. No-Nugget-Nap

    Posted on Reddit by u/Alternative_Plate398:

    Full on meltdown last week because I wouldn’t let him take a nap with a bowl of chicken nuggets. He’s only two and I know sh*ts about to get wilder than that.


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  • 5. Getting Their Imaginary Apple Eaten

    Posted on Reddit by u/orangepurge:

    Because his brother ate his imaginary apple he was holding.

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  • 6. Using The Wrong Words

    Posted on Reddit by u/796807:

    My daughter frequently asks me what a word means (irritated, archery, hilarious, etc), then when I tell her she screams NOOO THAT'S WRONG and cries. Every time. She thinks I'm an idiot I guess. Also, why the hell are you asking me if you THINK you know what it means already smh.

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