11 Child Stars Who Got Fired Because They Grew Up Too Fast

It was the question that plagued every TV fan in the mid-2000s: what happened to Walt on Lost? The character's sudden disappearance sparked conspiracy theories, but the truth behind his absence was depressingly mundane. Malcolm David Kelley was simply among the ranks of child actors who grew up fast.

Perhaps it's not surprising that there are so many child actors fired for aging too quickly. After all, it doesn’t take much for Hollywood to decide that a child star's luster has faded. Their personal lives might take a turn for the worse, or some might experience an unfortunate loss of cuteness once puberty arrives. Sometimes, they're written out of shows or movies because their kid characters aren’t ready to grow up with them. Whatever the reason they were let go, these charming youngsters mysteriously disappeared from the entertainment world as quickly as they entered it.