Your Male Childhood Crushes: Then and Now

From generally-agreed-upon teen heartthrobs Zack Morris and JTT to the "alternative" Skeet Ulrich (back when "edgy" meant wearing a leather jacket) girls growing up in the '80s and '90s were blessed with an embarrassing amount of hunky boys to daydream about. Here's a roundup of our favorite childhood crushes that we spent days and evenings pining over while listening to the sweet croonings of New Kids on the Block or 98 Degrees.

While some of them definitely still got it, many of them have become, well... average middle-aged men. Like many ideas we cooked up in our early years (I used to imagine I would be an ice cream truck driver who caught frogs in her spare time, for example), you can be glad that your sweet visions of everlasting love between you and your favorite TV or movie star were never destined to be. 

So take a gander at your childhood boy crushes then and now, and see which of these '80s and '90s heartthrobs have still got it today.