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Children Who Were Killed by Family Pets

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Family pets can become an integral part of the household, often developing an unbreakable bond on par with the relationship between parent and child. But sometimes a family pet can be unpredictable. They can turn on their owner in an instant, without warning. And sometimes, a child is on the other end of their spontaneous violent behavior.

Ranker has gathered some of the most tragic cases of kids killed by pets, including freak snake accidents, rat-bite fever, and dog attacks.These are 20 brutal accounts of children who were killed by pets.
  • Burmese Python Strangles Girl to Death in Her Crib Because It Was Hungry

    In Florida, two-year-old Shaiunna Hare was strangled by an eight-foot Burmese Python that escaped from its tank. EMTs pronounced the girl dead at the scene. The boyfriend of Hare's mother did not have a permit to own the reptile. 

    The python was underweight and hadn't been fed in a month when the attack happened. It was trying to eat the child when it killed her.

    Hare's mother, Jared Hare, and her boyfriend, Charles Darnell, were charged in the toddler's death. Both were sentenced to 12 years in jail for third-degree murder, manslaughter, and child neglect.
  • Homeless Family's Pet Rat Bites Baby Boy to Death

    During the summer of 1993 in Anaheim, California, a four-month-old child living with his parents in a station wagon was killed by their pet rat. Steven J. Giguere, Jr. suffered from 60 bites to his forearm and hand from a half-pound rat that hadn't eaten in days. The child bled to death from his injuries.

    The baby's parents, Steven and Kathyleen Giguere, were arrested for child endangerment.
  • Sister Finds Nine-year-old Brother Dead from Dog Attack

    In January 2016, Alexandria Griffin-Heady returned from her two-hour work shift to find her nine-year-old brother, Tyler Trammel-Huston, dead inside her home. Tyler was left alone with her three pit bull dogs, who never showed aggression to the boy prior to the attack. 

    Griffin-Heady told media, "I will never forgive myself for leaving him. I promised myself I would protect him and never leave him. And whether it's my fault or not, I'll never forgive myself for it."

    The brother had only recently reconnected after being separated by the foster system.
  • Cough Prompts Dog to Attack Three-day-old Baby

    A San Diego couple were lying in bed watching TV with their three-day-old son and dog when the dog attacked the child. The attack was prompted after the child's mother coughed and it startled the dog.

    Polo, a terrier mix, bit the baby, and the child died from its injuries. The family reportedly made two failed attempts to contact 911 before bringing the baby to the hospital themselves. The family dog was eventually euthanized after the accident.