15 Parents Share The Worst Children's Birthday Party Stories To Prepare You For The Worst

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At the end of the day, a kid's birthday party should be for the kids in attendance. But that doesn't mean you should phone it in! These parents are sharing their worst children's birthday party disasters so you know what to expect, and what not to do if you end up hosting a party. Read on and vote up the worst kid's party stories.

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    The Mother-In-Law Took Over The Party And Caused A Meltdown

    From a former Redditor:

    My son's first birthday. My mother in law had some serious boundary issues when my son was born (the first grandchild on both sides), which is a whole rant in itself. At his first birthday she tried so hard to run the show, and it was just awkward. Every present he/we opened, she would take it away and give him back the one that she had given him earlier. When it came time to eat cake, my son didn't like squishy things on his hands, and she picked up the cake and smooshed it right into his face for the picture and when he wiped his face the frosting got on his hands and he had a 1-year-old meltdown.

    We had a serious talk about boundaries with her after that day, and she has gotten so much better.

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    They Didn't Tell The Parents They Had To PAY To Go With Their Kid To The Party

    From Redditor u/PippaPig:

    I used to work in a play area inside a zoo. We do parties, which are either after the zoo had closed in the evening and the whole play bit was exclusively for the party. Or during the day with a small fenced off part for food and everyone goes around the zoo all day. For that option there was one adult entry included for each kid and extra adults needed to pay zoo entry. This point was stressed when taking bookings and printed on confirmations.

    One day everyone arrives for a party but parents are told at the gate it’s £20 each for them to accompany their child. The birthday kids family had filled all the free adult spaces but had not informed the guests.

    Nearly all of them went home. At lunch time there was 3 kids surrounded by enough food for 20.

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    Their Family And Friends Wanted A Big Party, And Then Nobody Showed Up

    From Redditor u/Bilbo_Swaggins__:

    Around 10 or so people all told me they wanted me to throw a big party rather than having a small family one, one person couldn't be bothered to come, another ones dad had a fall, and the rest didn't want to come without them. We were over-prepared for food and everyone texted to say they couldn't come at the last minute. So there I am with like, 3 family members, way too much food and a kid wondering where tf all her friends are cause their parents couldn't be bothered to bring them. I showed up at every one of their parties before. My daughter's also quite sensitive due to having autism so it kinda sucked. The next year I just got my whole family and took us to the zoo cause I didn't want her to feel let down like that again.

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    Nobody Showed Up To A Party Hosted At A Rented Farm

    From Redditor u/good_sandlapper:

    When I taught kindergarten, I had a student whose parents rented out an entire farm. She invited the whole class to the party. The mom came in & yelled at me for not sending the invitations home with the children. I assured her that everyone received an invitation. She broke down crying because no one showed up. It made me so sad.

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    They Didn't Realize Almost 200 People Were Going To Show Up

    From Redditor u/dekker87:

    My wife arranged one with her usual powers of organisation and hired our kids school hall out for the party of 8 yr olds...she didn't really pay a lot of attention to the invites my son was sending out to everyone...so he's invited all his main football team - 18 kids...his indoor football team - 10 kids....his entire school class of 30 kids...all of my and my wifes friends kids - around another 10...all his cousins - 6 kids...

    so the night before the party I asked how many kids were coming...and we only then realised that we're looking at around 75 kids. now these kids are only 8 so the majority of them have a parent staying at the party too...so double that 75 to 150...hen factor in all the granparents, uncles and aunties etc and we had maybe 180 people coming.

    in a school hall designed to take about 50.

    long story but it remains the most stressful experience of my entire life to date. a few of my mates had turned up to help and left within 10 minutes when they realised the iutter mayhem they were dealing with.


    it took us about 4 hours to open all the presents he'd got.

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    Their Pet Python Escaped In The Middle Of The Party

    From Redditor u/Mischief-Managed_:

    It was a birthday party held at their house. The mum decided that this was the perfect opportunity to have someone over who was considering buying their pet python. There were thirty noisy children high on sugar. The snake did not like this. It bit the guy and escaped. So then you had thirty screaming terrified children and a python on the loose. Good times.