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Main Characters In Children's Movies Who Absolutely Deserve To Be Grounded

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Some characters in movies seem to get away with everything, even if they're just kids who should be reprimanded and taught the difference between right and wrong. Maybe it's just rewatching these films at an older age, but these kids get away with the type of rude, destructive, dangerous, and even downright criminal behavior that in real life would - at the very least - get them grounded for many, many weeks. Whether it's done with the best intentions or not, running away, trashing the house, or simply acting out is not okay. 

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  • Sam Shakusky is an intelligent, introverted 12-year-old orphan who lives with his foster family, the Billingsleys, but they have a difficult time with his acting out. He even commits acts of arson while sleepwalking. Suzy Bishop, meanwhile, is an intelligent, introverted 12-year-old whose parents' marriage is falling apart. Like Sam, Suzy displays some troubled behavior, such as swiping library books.

    The two are romantic pen pals who make a secret plan to run away together. When they're tracked and found by members of the nearby summer camp Sam is supposed to be attending, they fight back in a very physical way - hurting one scout with scissors and hitting the camp dog with an arrow. Running away is ground-worthy enough, but actual violence needs some serious repercussions. While the Billingsleys are out of the picture, hopefully Sam's new foster parents can whip him into shape.

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      Max ('Where the Wild Things Are')

      Max is an 8-year-old with an active imagination who fights with his sister for ruining the fort he made in the snow. He also seems to throw tantrums whenever he feels like he's being ignored, like when his mother doesn't come to see the fort he has built in his room. When his mother gets angry at him for his behavior, he bites her on the shoulder and then runs away from home.

      He ends up sailing a boat across to an island inhabited by a bunch of unruly monster-like creatures known as the "Wild Things." One of the creatures, Carol, throws destructive tantrums similar to Max's, and he gets to see firsthand what his behavior must look like to his mom. While that is probably great self-reflecton, he still needs to be punished for lashing out physically. 

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        Henry Carpenter ('The Book of Henry') 

        Henry Carpenter is an 11-year-old child genius whose success in the stock market provides financial support for his single mother and younger brother. However, he is also a condescending, overly precocious kid who thinks he knows it all.

        He's also protective of people he cares for and his genius can allow him to think up intricate plans to help them. Henry speaks to the authorities about his neighbor potentially being inappropriately touched by her stepfather - who happens to be police commissioner - but he's ultimately ignored. In order to protect her, he contrives an elaborate plan to eliminate her stepfather before he can touch her again. Henry succumbs to a brain tumor before he can carry out his plan, but he leaves behind a notebook and audio tape that his mother finds to do the deed for him. Instead of handling it like a responsible adult, she almost follows through with his scheme. Seems like they both need a bit of a timeout.

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        • Eight-year-old Kevin McCallister is the youngest boy in his family and is constantly getting into trouble and being picked on by his older siblings. He sees himself as more of a victim than a troublemaker, which leads to some lashing out that just isn't acceptable. The night before the family is to leave for a Christmas vacation, he gets into a trivial fight with his brother Buzz over pizza that results in Kevin being sent to the attic as punishment. Angry at being punished, Kevin tells his mother he wishes his family would disappear. As luck would have it, they do disappear - briefly - and he is elated. When else would he get to jump on the beds and go through his brother's stash of Playboy magazines?

          While his parents are gone, though, Kevin realizes he needs supplies - mainly food - and he trashes his brother Buzz's room looking for money to buy groceries. Ironically enough, he ends up accidentally shoplifting from the market anyway. He also goes to extreme lengths to keep two thieves from breaking into his house by setting up elaborate and dangerous booby traps that cause multiple injuries and could have resulted in much worse. Regardless of his reasoning, Kevin needs a serious attitude adjustment, but maybe his parents should find another punishment rather than sending him to the attic next time.

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