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Main Characters In Children's Movies Who Absolutely Deserve To Be Grounded

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Some characters in movies seem to get away with everything, even if they're just kids who should be reprimanded and taught the difference between right and wrong. Maybe it's just rewatching these films at an older age, but these kids get away with the type of rude, destructive, dangerous, and even downright criminal behavior that in real life would - at the very least - get them grounded for many, many weeks. Whether it's done with the best intentions or not, running away, trashing the house, or simply acting out is not okay. 

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  • Dennis Mitchell is a 5-year-old boy whose penchant for mischief results in trouble for others in the neighborhood, especially his next-door neighbor, Mr. Wilson. The Wilsons have no children of their own, and although Mrs. Wilson finds him adorable and considers him like a grandson, Mr. Wilson just sees him as a troublemaker - for good reason. Dennis manages to get paint on his grill, replaces his mouthwash with toilet cleanser and breaks his dentures, and gets the man doused with flour and a bucket of water that Dennis's babysitter and her boyfriend had set up as a boobytrap meant to catch the little boy in the act of a game of ding-dong-ditch.

    After he has had enough, Mr. Wilson angrily tells Dennis he wants nothing to do with him ever again. Dennis reacts by running away and is taken hostage by a man Dennis had been suspicious of. He is able to escape by bludgeoning, torching, and tying the man up with a rope. He returns home to a grief-stricken town, including Mr. Wilson, and while he didn't deserve to be taken against his will, he definitely needs a timeout for wreaking havoc simply for havoc's sake.

    • Actor: Mason Gamble
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  • Kelly Leak may be the best athlete in the neighborhood, but he's also a magnet for causing, or getting into, trouble. The foul-mouthed, cigarette-smoking, beer-drinking tween who rides a Harley and already is in business for himself as a pint-sized loan shark acts like he is too cool for anything as silly as Little League baseball. And after he eventually joins the team, he gets into a fight with his teammate Tanner after the latter quips that the team didn't think Kelly needed anybody other than himself to play catch. If something that small can rile him up, Kelly is in dire need of an attitude adjustment. 

    Kelly would have ended up in even more trouble if the studio had gone with the original ending to The Bad News Bears; in that ending, he steals a Mercedes after he finds out his mother is having an affair and leads the police on a chase that ends up at the stadium where a game is going on. He hits the game-winning home run, but the police are waiting for him at home plate. It's safe to say he'd be happier with just a good old-fashioned grounding instead.

    • Actor: Jackie Earle Haley
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    Tanner Boyle ('The Bad News Bears')

    Tanner Boyle tries to compensate for his small stature with over-aggressive behavior, and his bad temper has gotten him into some trouble. When the Bad News Bears drop their first game, he attempts to fight the entire seventh-grade class at his school. Of course, he loses. But he still feels the need to put his dukes up. And that doesn't stop his fighting habits, either. When Kelly first joins the team, it is Tanner who gets into an immediate fight with him.

    He's a foul-mouthed kid who drops all kinds of racially biased remarks, even about his own teammates. He also constantly bullies Timmy Lupus (who Tanner calls a "booger-eating spaz"). If his parents knew what he's been up to on the baseball field, they'd definitely ground him.

    • Actor: Chris Barnes
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  • Sam Shakusky is an intelligent, introverted 12-year-old orphan who lives with his foster family, the Billingsleys, but they have a difficult time with his acting out. He even commits acts of arson while sleepwalking. Suzy Bishop, meanwhile, is an intelligent, introverted 12-year-old whose parents' marriage is falling apart. Like Sam, Suzy displays some troubled behavior, such as swiping library books.

    The two are romantic pen pals who make a secret plan to run away together. When they're tracked and found by members of the nearby summer camp Sam is supposed to be attending, they fight back in a very physical way - hurting one scout with scissors and hitting the camp dog with an arrow. Running away is ground-worthy enough, but actual violence needs some serious repercussions. While the Billingsleys are out of the picture, hopefully Sam's new foster parents can whip him into shape.

    • Actor: Jared Gilman, Kara Hayward
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