15 Children Of "Karens" Share Their Most Embarrassing Stories To Prepare You For The Worst

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We've all met a Karen. They pop up in line at coffee shops, at theme parks, and all over the world as tourists. But what happens when you have a “Karen” for a parent? These Redditors are sharing their embarrassing parent stories that double as Karen stories so you can understand what it's like.

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    She Pushes Past People In Public And Loudly Complains When She Has To Wait

    From Redditor u/shamblesaid:

    I hate going shopping with my mum, she shoves past everyone because she has no patience. She talks so loudly when a queue is long. She likes to express her impatience And it’s embarrassing.

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    He Yelled At A McDonald's Employee For Giving Him What He Ordered

    From Redditor u/cryptic_spren97:

    When I was about 9, my dad took my sister and I to McDonald's one evening. At this point he and my mum were separated, so he only saw us once a week (and those visits gradually petered out to my relief). He ordered a quarter pounder with cheese for himself, took one bite and spat it out into the box. He then stormed up to the counter, ignored the line of people waiting to order and started loudly berating the woman at the check out (who hadn't even served him in the first place). "I asked for a god damn quarter pounder without cheese, why the hell have you put cheese on my burger? You clearly don't know how to do the most simple of tasks, I want to speak to your manager..." And on and on it went. I felt such shame and humiliation, and I couldn't even finish my meal. If that wasn't bad enough, when he finally came back with a fresh meal, I told him in a timid voice that he had in fact ordered one with cheese and he started screaming at me. Yeah... I wasn't exactly gutted when those little outings with dad ended.

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    She Threw A Fit Over How Expensive Everything Is But Insisted On Buying Expensive Water

    From Redditor u/OneMorePotion:

    She paid me a visit shortly after I moved to Switzerland. We went shopping for groceries together. Everything there is at least twice as expensive. And my mother did let the entire shop know how overpriced each and every item I put in the cart was. While also insisted that we need to buy bottled water because she couldn't drink tap water. (She does it at home and Switzerland has better water quality. So I have really no idea why that was a thing in the first place.)

    So from everything she complained about, the 12 bucks for 4 bottles of non-sparkling water was somehow completely fine.

    I never went shopping with her ever again after this.

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    She Treated A Cashier So Terribly That They Had To Go In And Apologize

    From Redditor u/mejok:

    Was visiting her and she needed to stop by Walgreens. She had a newspaper ad that stated that some candles were 50% off so she bought like 10 of them. She got charged full price and flipped out. We're talking like paying a dollar per candle instead of 50 cents. The cashier and I both showed her that she was holding an old newspaper and the ad even said that the offer expired a week ago… then she shifted to "well you could have told me more nicely" and kept complaining. I just kept telling her we needed to leave. Once I finally got her out into the car I said I had forgotten to grab a pack of gum and went back in and apologized to the poor guy.

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    She Got Angry Because She Couldn't Change Her Daughter On A Restaurant Table

    From Redditor u/cleaning-meaning:

    My Mom attempted to change my sister’s diaper on the table in a crowded restaurant. Going ballistic when the waitress asked her to use the restroom.

    Then had me change her while she argued with the entire restaurant.

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    He Made A Scene At An Airport Because He Couldn't Use Express Check-In

    From Redditor u/HighburyClockEnd:

    My dad once got into a screaming match with someone because of the express check-in lane at an airport, he couldn’t use it but insisted he could. He then started screaming at me because I told him I don’t think he can use it.

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