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Ways Chimpanzees Are Just as Brutal (and Sometimes Even Moreso) as Humans

For a long time, primatologists thought chimpanzees were the nicer, gentler version of humankind. In reality, chimpanzees are violent, brutal and dangerous - much like humans. With more than 98 percent of our DNA matching, humans see many of our own societal traits and features reflected back through this sister species. Like humans, these extremely intelligent animals exhibit brutal character traits and behavior that are similar to humans. 

There are many similarities between humans and chimpanzees, and some of the human things chimpanzees do are brutal. Scientists look to these creatures to try to decipher some of the roots of human behavior, like warfare and religion. Chimps engage in long, protracted, bloody wars, they kill and consume infants, and they send out raiding parties in order to protect and maintain their territories. This list examines in detail some of the worst things chimpanzee do, from their propensity for baby slaughter to their likelihood of attacking humans when in captivity.