China's Favorite New Glo-Up Meme Is Taking The Internet By Storm

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If you’ve ever wanted to flaunt your awesome glo-up, you'll love the #karmaisab*tch meme that's circulating through various Asian social media circuits. Users on Chinese app Dou Yin make 15 second music videos of their beauty transformations set to song “Antique Gucci.” The creators go from more relaxed looks to ultra glam recreations in a single cut scene. They also mouth the words, "Oh well, karma's a b*tch," quoting Riverdale's sassiest character, Veronica Lodge.

Various users on western social media sites have also contributed to the meme. Those posters include things like beer and corgi pups to make the videos even funnier. People post their glo-ups on social media more and more often to document their respective journeys. Some of them want to finally embrace their flaws; some to inspire others to feel confident. Certain beauty influencers even share their before-and-afters. Obviously, it's never too late to glo-up.