What Is Going On With Chip-Chan, A Mysterious Woman Who Live Streams Her Reclusive Existence

Have you heard about the woman in South Korea live steaming her life? The creepy videos put out by a woman only known as Chip-Chan have been making the rounds of the internet since about 2006, when a user on 4chan’s /x/ board discovered her livestream. Since then, Chip-Chan has sat in her apartment and put signs up imploring her viewers to help her. No one actually knows what is really going on with Chip-Chan. Is Chip-Chan in trouble? Does she have a mental illness? Is someone really controlling her via microchip? Your guess is as good as anyone else’s on the internet.

The following facts about the Chip-Chan webcam mystery open up a deeper chasm of questions. As you dive into this mystery, it’s important to remember we may never get all of the answers about this very creepy scenario.

  • She Communicates Through A Bizarre Series Of Signs

    She Communicates Through A Bizarre Series Of Signs
    Photo: ScareTheater / YouTube

    One of the many strange folds to this story is the fact Chip-Chan is completely aware of the camera in her home. When she's not sleeping, she sometimes tries to hide from the singular eye of the camera, and at other times she tries to send messages to the outside world through her massive collection of hand written signs

    The signs are all written in Korean, so if you don't know the language you have to depend on Korean speaking Chan-ers for hints as to what she's trying to say. As you can probably guess, many of the signs make little sense and they're all very creepy. 

    One sign reads like a strange poem: “Don’t get tricked, don’t get fooled. Early every morning. If someone comes that paralyzes the person. I can’t be stopped.”

    While another reads like the description of a nightmare: “The stalker use this skill from 2006, I have slept for 20 hours everyday since then. I do not know what have happened while I sleep, I have been always afraid of sleeping.”

  • She May Have Tried To Commit Suicide In 2017

    On May 5, 2017, viewers of Chip-Chan's livestream discovered she was trying to hang herself as she sat next to a clock that read "LIVE." Whether that's live as in "live from New York," or live as in "where do you live" is anyone's guess, but the one thing that's clear is she had a makeshift noose around her neck. It's hard to tell from the screenshot of the incident, but it looks like if she is trying to hang herself she's making a poor attempt. It's worth noting Chan survived the attempt and is still alive.


  • Someone Named "P" Is Holding Her Captive

    The moment viewers saw a woman stuck in a room for days, they immediately jumped to the conclusion she was a kidnapping victim. That could be the case. One of the signs that Chan held up to the camera said she was being held against her will by a person whom she referred to as "P."

    Chan says P is a corrupt police officer who visits her when the cameras in her home turn off. No one knows what he does when the cameras are off, and no one knows why he's keeping her isolated in a room.


  • Chip-Chan Believes She's Been Microchipped

    Chip-Chan Believes She's Been Microchipped
    Video: YouTube

    Chip-Chan claims P installed a Verichip in her skin just below her ankle to keep tabs on her at all time. A Verichip is an injectable identification chip that goes under the skin - like you would put in your dog in case it went missing. Chan believes the chip allows P to hear what she's thinking and control her movements. She also believes P can put her to sleep and listen to her thoughts with the chip.

    The concept of the chip in her body points towards Chan being what's known as a "Targeted Individual," someone who believes they're being watched and stalked by a group of people for unknown, nefarious reasons. If you can read Korean, you can check out one of her blogs where she goes in depth about the chip she believes has been implanted in her body. 

  • P May Be Trying To Steal Chan's Inheritance

    An interesting theory about why Chip-Chan is being kept in her home comes from internet sleuths who speak Korean. After combing through her videos, some viewers have discovered Chan was left a "large inheritance" by her deceased parents, and P has locked her away so he can control the money. 

    If this is true, P is likely spending most of that inheritance to pay for Chan's food, electricity, and the bandwidth on the 24/7 livestream. Still, it's an interesting idea that isn't out of the realm of possibility. 



  • Local Police Believe Chip-Chan Is Mentally Ill

    Thankfully viewers didn't sit idly by for long after discovering Chan's livestream. At some point, someone was able to get in touch with the Korean authorities and alert them to the fact a woman was being held captive in their country.

    But the police already knew about Chan. They claimed she is a mentally ill woman who is a regular nuisance to the police. According to the authorities, when Chan isn't sleeping in her room or holding up signs for her viewers, she's taking photos of the police and protesting China Central Television