dating 24 Photos That Prove Chivalry Is Not Dead  

Nathan Davidson
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Every year people appear to lament the death of chivalry, to the point that you wonder if it's now classified as endangered. The truth is, chivalry still lives on, albeit in many different ways, in the 21st century, for being a chivalrous person in the modern era means more than holding open a door. It means doing a little extra for your girl in a world that, to be honest, ain't that hard for you, dude.

Below you'll see pictures of men opening car doors for women, surprising them with flowers, and transforming their bodies into chairs. You'll also witness random acts of animal chivalry, funny pick-up lines, and funny pick-up notes too. You thought Internet chivalry was dead, didn't you?

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24 Photos That Prove Chivalry Is Not Dead