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A Family Of Entitled Wedding Crashers Are Put In Their Place After They Almost Destroy A Wedding

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Weddings can be complex affairs, with many moving parts, activities, and people to plan around. But when a choosing beggar or an entitled family member (or more) enter the picture, things can get that much more difficult. In a story by Redditor u/shygirlturnedsassy, a family of wedding crashers threaten to destroy a three-day wedding that took months to plan with their selfishness and bad behavior. Luckily, the father of the groom has a shiny spine and knew exactly how to handle them. 

Here is a breakdown of events. 

  • It All Started With A Happy Announcement And A 'Simple Request'

    In November, my stepbrother and sister-in-law tied the knot.  

    Just three days before the wedding, my stepmom received a call from one of her sisters, S telling her that S's husband's cousin (well call her Bloodsucker) and her husband (we'll call him Brickbrains) would love to come to the wedding and would stepmom and my dad please invite them as well. 

    At first my stepmom tried to refuse, but S begged her. She told my stepmom that Bloodsucker had been on her case for days. She felt entitled to an invitation as she and her family lived in the same city as the bride and groom's families. To save her sister's sanity, my stepmom agreed to talk to my dad.

    My dad burst out laughing at the absurdity of the request. But stepmom was able to convince him somehow. So, later that day, dad and stepmom spoke to Bloodsucker and Brickbrain on the phone and told them they would be happy to have them at their sons wedding.

    The fact that my parents agreed to this was insanely generous. But that's never enough for entitled a**holes.

    • An Entitled Couple Begged To Attend A Three-Day Hindu Wedding...And Surprised The Hosts By Bringing Their Adult Children

      Let me clarify that we're all Indians and this was a Hindu wedding. These weddings comprise of several ceremonies and can go on for several days. My brother's wedding lasted three days. All relatives were to arrive at the hotel the day before Day 1 of the ceremonies.

      So when relatives began pouring in, my parents expected two less familiar faces, i.e. Bloodsucker and Brickbrain. What they didn't expect was their three adult kids to tag along. That's right. The entitled [jerks] had brought their kids along to a wedding to which only they were invited, that too after they shamelessly begged.

      • The Father Of The Groom Kept His Cool In Order To 'Maintain The Peace,' But He Was Livid

        My dad was furious, as were my stepmom and stepbrother. When they confronted S about this she sheepishly said that her husband had asked (read ordered) her not to tell my parents about this. Later S's hubby, Parasite told my dad with a note of glee that he didn't want to spoil the "lovely surprise." For those who can't wrap their heads around this, the surprise was supposed to be being able to meet Bloodsucker and Brickbrain's kids. My dad somehow swallowed his rage for the sake of maintaining the peace.

        • The Awful Couple Began Ruining The Wedding On The First Day By Stealing Seats And Speeches

          One of the ceremonies that is held at Day 1 is the Sangeet. Sangeet is just the bride and groom's families and close friends singing traditional wedding songs, dancing, making jokes about the bride and groom in a wholesome manner and telling stories about their childhood etc. When done tastefully, it can be pretty entertaining. Of course, Bloodsucker just HAD to try to ruin it for my stepmom.

          The bride and groom are always seated in the front row along with their parents so they can watch the "performances" and what not. The other guests who aren't participating in the Sangeet are seated at the rows behind them.

          As everyone was being seated, Bloodsucker went ahead and sat down right next to my stepbrother. That's where my stepmom was supposed to sit.

          My stepbrother told her she was in his mother's seat. But the jerk just smiled and said "Oh, doesn't matter, she can sit at the end of the row." My dad was about to raise hid voice when Parasite somehow had the sense to persuade his cousin to sit in the subsequent row. She had the nerve to look offended as she complied.

          When the singing and dancing was done and it was time to tell some fun stories about the couple, Brickbrain decided to highjack the mike and after congratulating the couple began a long winded speech about the importance of family and ended it by announcing that his eldest son had graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology - three years ago - all because of his wonderful upbringing.  

          My dad managed not to pull him off the stage by his collar and when he was finally done, the ceremony continued.