Captain Chris Cassidy's Five Pieces Of Advice For Those Planning On Going To Space

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For the upcoming Disney Plus documentary Among the Stars, Navy SEAL and astronaut Chris Cassidy filmed his third and final space mission. Ahead of its release, Cassidy shared his top five tips for space travel. Being a NASA astronaut, Chris Cassidy certainly knows what he's talking about - so if it's on your bucket list to explore outer space one day, you may want to bookmark this list. Check out astronaut Chris Cassidy's tips below, along with pictures from his space travel and preparation. 

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    Appreciate How Lucky You Are To Be There

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    Understand That You Are Drinking Yesterday's Coffee

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    Be Comfortable Being A Plumber And Electrician

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    Take Photography Lessons

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    Be Comfortable With All Bodily Fluids

    "What is the price of a return ride back to Earth?....8 tubes of blood!! The 7 shown in this picture were taken in the morning to be placed in our deep freezer, and the 8th will be drawn just prior to undock for ground processing soon after landing. I’ve collected sample like these throughout my mission, tracking how our bodies change in space," Cassidy says.