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22 Chris Evans Interviews That Prove He'll Always Be The Funniest Avenger

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In the never ending battle to be Hollywood's favorite Chris, one person always seems to stand out - and that is Chris Evans. His tenure as Captain America made him an industry favorite, and off-screen he seems to match his super alter ego - humble, kind, and unexpectedly funny. During MCU press tours fans were quick to notice that Evans always seemed to be goofing off and acting like the annoying little brother to the rest of the cast. It's also been revealed that he was the resident prankster on set - and we're sad we weren't there to see it. These are the most hilarious Chris Evans interviews. 

Photo: Han Duo / Pinterest

  • 1. So Overt, It's Covert

    So Overt, It's Covert
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  • 2. Always The Troublemaker

    Always The Troublemaker
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  • 3. Such Chaotic Energy

    Such Chaotic Energy
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  • 4. Worth The Final Movie

    Worth The Final Movie
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  • 5. Cutest Bromance Ever

    Cutest Bromance Ever
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  • 6. The Coolest Cast Ever Assembled

    The Coolest Cast Ever Assembled
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