Every Chris Farley Movie, Ranked By Fans

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Over 600 movie fans have come together to cast their votes for the best Chris Farley movies. From his breakout roles on Saturday Night Live in the '90s to his string of box-office hits, Farley made us laugh until we cried with his physical comedy and larger-than-life characters. His over-the-top antics never failed to leave us in stitches, making him a beloved figure among generations of comedy fans.

The best Chris Farley movies showcase not just his incredible comedic chops but also an unexpected vulnerability that made all of our hearts melt. Take, for instance, Tommy Boy, a cult classic about two hapless salesmen on a cross-country road trip who must learn how to work together before it’s too late. Or Black Sheep, another fan favorite where Farley plays an underdog desperate to prove himself against seemingly insurmountable odds. Of course, no Chris Farley movie list would be complete without Beverly Hills Ninja and its array of unforgettable gags featuring Farley at his finest hour(s).

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