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Chris Shiflett Breaks Down His Foo Fighters Audition Story  

Daniel Kohn
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List Rules Chris gives the inside story of signing up to play with the Foo Fighters.

Chris Shiflett has been the lead guitarist for the Foo Fighters since 1999. He has a punk rock past, having performed with No Use For a Name, as well as the supergroup Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. So Shiflett is a natural fit for Dave Grohl and company, but that doesn't mean his spot in the band was always guaranteed.

Swinging by the Ranker Podcast, Shiflett tells the story of exactly how he joined the band, a story you won't hear anywhere else. 

So let's get rankin'!

He Received an Unexpected Call

A few months went by, and I'd just finished this record with No Use For a Name and we're getting ready to go on tour. I went up to New York to visit some friends and hang out for a week, and I got a phone call from Gus, the Foo Fighters' tour manager. He told me they were having auditions in L.A. if I wanted to come out...

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They Gave a Sneak Peek at an Unreleased Album

Though they hadn't released it yet, they sent me cassette of their third album and what songs to learn, and I went down to audition for them. I went back a week later to have a more extensive audition. Meanwhile, my band has a record out and getting read to go on tour. I kept my mouth shut, which was a crummy thing to do, but...

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There Was Still Some Competition

When I got the call to come back the second time, it was nerve-racking because I didn't know them personally. So I got there early so when I got there, I could hear them jamming with some other dude. I was just imagining the worst. I'm kind of a cynical guy anyway, so I was thinking that they were having a wingding with this guy. 

Then I walked in the room when that guy finally split and the first thing Dave said was...

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