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21 Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Christian Bale

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Who is Christian Bale? Many call him the best actor of his generation. He has leading man good looks, but isn’t afraid to gain 100 pounds for a role, or even go through the struggle of losing 60 pounds to get into character. The English actor has been in the spotlight since he was 13 years old, when he played the lead role in Steven Spielberg’s coming of age war drama Empire of the Sun. However, despite a rich history in the limelight, Bale remains a very private person. You don't have to weed through Christian Bale quotes and anecdotes or read a long biography to find out more about him. Here are the most  interesting facts you may not know about the Academy Award winning actor.

His on-set tirade at a cinematographer for Terminator Salvation in 2009 made headlines. As did his off-set family issues with his sister and mother. If Christian Bale had it his way, the public would know absolutely nothing about his personal life. He loathes movie star media and despises interviews. Even still, he reluctantly accepts that life in the spotlight is part of the game for any actor who wants to make a career in Hollywood.

This list contains a few little known Christian Bale facts and even a bit of Bale trivia. Even if you've read his wiki page, you probably haven't heard all the Christian Bale stories on this list. Enjoy!
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    He Sticks with an Accent Through the Press Tour

    If he is playing an American character in a movie, Bale will speak with an American accent during press interviews. The native Welshman does this so he doesn't confuse the audience.

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    His Mother Was a Circus Clown

    Several of Bale's closest relatives were entertainers in one form or another. His mother was both a circus clown and a dancer, his older sister and uncle were actors, and his grandfather worked as a stunt double in the John Wayne drama Hatari!
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    He Lost 60 Pounds for His Role in The Machinist

    The method actor ate only one apple a day in order to transform himself into his guilt-ridden character in The Machinist. In the film, Bale plays a delusional insomniac who can't face the sins of his past.

  • His First Acting Gig Was for a Fabric Softener Commercial

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    Bale's first time in front of a camera was for the fabric softener Lenor in 1982. The young actor was only eight years old. He also played a dancing kid in a commercial for Pac-Man cereal in 1983.