The Best Christian Metal Bands

If you're a fan of Christian metal, then you know what separates Christian metal bands from traditional heavy metal. More upbeat and positive than their metal counterparts, Christian metal bands still play heavy metal, but their take on the genre is what makes them unique. There are separate subgenres of Christian metal, just like secular metal, ranging from hard rock to metalcore, and even punk. Emerging in the 1970s as a form of evangelism to counteract doom metal, Christian metal has grown over the years and is one of the more popular genres of Christian music.

So, what are the best Christian metal bands? Any list of Christian metal bands has to feature P.O.D., Resurrection Band, Petra, Demon Hunter, Jerusalem, Mortification and Underoath. These bands are widely regarded as some of the top Christian metal groups, because their songs resonate with a large number of fans and these Christian metal bands frequently sell out shows across the world.

That said, it's up to you to determine what the best Christian metal bands are. This list answers the questions "who are the best Christian metal bands of all time?" and "who is the greatest Christian metal musician ever?" If you know enough about the genre, please vote based on the quality of the band's music instead of just voting for the most popular Christian metal bands that you might've heard of. 

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