Priests Convicted for Sexual Abuse 

Robert Wabash
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A regularly updated list of priests, ministers or any clergymen caught or convicted of sexually abusing children in some way, shape, or form. Priests who have been merely accused of sex abuse are not included in this list. Only priests legally convicted for sexual abuse of a minor or priests caught having any kind of sexual relations with children are included on this list along with their crimes and why they were convicted.

Catholic sex abuse is, unfortunately, a very common crime around the world due to the immense amount of trust placed in men of "God", so the more you can raise awareness of the reality of this danger the better. There is nothing "okay" about Christian sexual abuse, so here are the names of Christian clergymen who have betrayed their flock and their faith.

Who are the Catholic priests convicted of sexual abuse? Take a look at this list of famous and not-so-famous priests accused of abuse, and recognize these for abusive hypocrites for the heinous criminals they are. 
Aaron Joseph Cote
18 yr old boy filed suit 11/05 alleging abuse in 2001-02 when the youth attended Mother Seton Church in Germantown MD., Suit said abuse occurred in both MD and DC. Cote removed. Reported to Archdiocese in 2003 but it just moved him to RI. Also alleged to have abused 2nd youth in OH in 1980s. Case settled 8/07 for $1.2M paid by Order. Also worked in Springfield MA. Woman filed suit 4/08 re abuse of her children. First criminal charges filed 7/08 re 2003 abuse. Found guilty 7/09. 10 yrs probation 11/09. -- Diocese: Washington, DC
Alphonsus M. Smith
In 1995 Smith admitted affair with 1 youth from 1988-1993. Civil suit filed 1995 dismissed on statute of limitations. Sentenced 1996 to 16 years for abuse of 4. Reduced to 1 year. Sent to live at St. John Vianney in St. Louis. Died in 2005. At least 1 claim included in $1.3M settlment with Archdiocese 12/06. -- Diocese: Washington, DC
Alvin L. Campbell
Arrested on sexual assault charges in 1985. Owned child porn. History of abuse involving numerous victims going back at least 20 years. Convicted and sentenced to 14 yrs prison. Released 1992. Bishop requested laicization in 1989 but was denied by Ratzinger because Campbell did not agree. He later agreed and was laicized (1992?). Died in late 2002. At least 1 civil suit settled in 2004 mass settlement. Six more victims from 1970s and early 1980s settled with Diocese 1/07 for $625K total. -- Diocese: Springfield, IL
Andre Anthony Corbin
Criminal charges filed 1988 alleged abuse in 1966 when parish was part of Raleigh Diocese. Sentenced 3 yrs jail; served only about 60 days. Put on probation for 5 yrs and sent for treatment. Accused of dressing young boys in loin cloths to depict modelof crucified Christ. Charlotte Diocese stripped Corbin of priestly faculties in 1988. Also named in 12/03 lawsuit in Springfield, MA which settled 8/04 as part of multiple plaintiffs $7.75M settlement. Died in fire 5/08 at age 79. -- Diocese: Raleigh, NC
Andrew Christian Andersen
Convicted 1986 of 26 counts of felony molestation of 4 boys. Sentenced to 5 yrs probation after treatment at Servants of Paracletes. Continued to molest boys while in therapy. Arrested in New Mexico in 1990 for abuse of another youth. Sentenced to 6 yrs prison for violating Calif. probation. Laicized in mid-1990s. Current whereabouts unnknow. Prior to 2005 there were $4.62M in settlements regarding Andersen. -- Diocese: Orange, CA
Andrew L. Millar
Ordained in Ireland and had worked in Rockville Centre since 1964. Retired 1999. Arrested 5/00 on charges that he sexually abused a 15 yr old learning disabled/developmentally delayed youth in a bathroom. Pleaded guilty and sentenced to 1-3 yrs in prison in 11/00. 17 yr old altar boy complained in 1999 that Millar had abused him in 1991. Millar sent for treatment and "retired." 3 other complaints made since 1995. Priest V in the Suffolk Co. Grand Jury Report. Laicized. -- Diocese: Rockville Centre, NY
Andrew W. Krafcik
Ordained for Richmond diocese but requested transfer to Arlington Diocese in 1984. Convicted in 1984 of a misdemeanor charge involving a 12-yr-old girl and sentenced to counseling. Served in "limited ministry" from 1985 to 1996 when he retired. Laicization requested by Bishop Loverde in 2002 and announced 7/04. -- Diocese: Richmond, VA
Angel Crisostomo Mariano
Mariano was a cross-dresser who was convicted of child molestation in 1998 for performing oral sex on a teenage boy while posing as a 25 yr old woman. Served 5 months in jail. Jesuit leaders had reprimanded Mariano for sexual misconduct at least 5 yearsprior to the 1998 incident. Jesuits had apparently been moving him around since 1988. After release from prison he moved to Jesuit community at Los Gatos where other priests abused two mentally disabled residents. -- Diocese: San Jose, CA
Anthony ""Tony"" Jablonowski
Pleaded no contest to 2004 charges of abuse of 17 yr old boy in 1982. Sentenced to 15 months to 7 yrs in prison. Privileges removed. Another accuser filed civil suit 3/05. Released from prison 7/05. Required to register as sex offender. He worked in several dioceses and is on Tucson list of abusive priests. Laicization announced 6/06. -- Diocese: Cheyenne, WY
Anthony Martinez Garduno
Accusations that Garduno asked an adult man to strip during premarital counseling surfaced in approx. 1993. Sent for treatment. Church trial for heresy after Garduno found a separate Catholic sect in 1996. He was "removed from the clerical state." Arrested 12/09 and charged with abuse of a 17 yr old boy 4 yrs before and continued sale of drugs from the church. Accuser said he knew of other minor victims who had been abused at that location. Sentenced 3/10 to 2 yrs prison on drug and gun charges. -- Diocese: San Bernardino, CA
Anthony Parlangeli
In 3/02 article, Man says that at 15 he was drugged and raped by Parlangeli on overnight camping trip. Parlangeli said he was too tired to camp and rented a hotel room. Drugs caused convulsions; Parlangeli had to take youth to hospital ER. Police notifed; he was arrested. Charges later reduced to administering drugs illegally and he spent a brief time in jail. Transferred to Baltimore where he also abused. 1994 civil suit settled. Died 1997. -- Diocese: Miami, FL
Anton Mowat
Mowat, from England, was charged in 1988 with abuse of 4 altar boys in Stone Mt. Georgia. Prior to charges, he fled the U.S. Extradited from England in 1990 and convicted. Sentenced to 6 yrs jail and probation. Served 15 mos; released and deported to England. Atlanta Archdiocese paid at least $358K to families of t3 of the boys. In 03/96 Mowat was arrested on charges of violating his probation by inappropriately touching an 11 yr old boy in 1994. -- Diocese: Atlanta, GA
Arrested 4/16/09 for unlawful sexual behavior with a teenage boy and providing alcohol to a minor. Most recent event 4/09 on church property, just before the accuser told police. Assigned to St. Mary of The Nativity in Salinas. Placed on leave by Diocese. He had been counseling the boy for 2 yrs. Child porn also found on his computer. Pled no contest 3/11 to 14 counts, including child porn. Sentenced to 1 yr jail & probation. Case will be referred to Vatican. -- Diocese: Monterey, CA
Armand Thibault
Sacred Heart Brother for 34 yrs before being ordained as Marist. Personnel file released 12/02. 1993 criminal trial in ME for 1992 sexual contact with child under 14 (re 3 boys) and child endangerment (providing beer to kids). Found not guilty on sex charge and pleaded no contest to the other. Received treatment then reassigned to Boston under restrictions. Retired. All privileges removed 1/02. -- Diocese: Portland, ME
Arthur J. O'Brien
Accused of abuse of 1 boy in MD between 1984-1985. Also allegation of abuse of 14 yr old boy in Boston when O'Brien was in seminary. Moved to Hawaii in 1985. Accused of abuse of boy, age 10, in 1989 in Hawaii. Recd 5 yrs probation in 1992. Placed on permanent leave in 1993. -- Diocese: Washington, DC
Arthur Manuel Cunha
At least three civil suits filed as well as criminal charges re abuse of boys in 1986. One suit settled for $640K. Sentenced to 60 days jail and 4 mo counseling center for abuse of two boys. May have left priesthood. -- Diocese: San Francisco, CA
Arthur Maurer
Maurer pleaded guilty in 1993 to child sex offense that occurred out of state in 1992. He apparently retired and was living in Baltimore from 1992 to 1993 but 1993 Catholic Directory shows he was affiliated with Galveston-Houston Diocese. Maurer died in 1993. His obit was in Houston TX newspaper. Name appears on 9/02 list from Archdiocese of Baltimore of Religious priests and brothers accused of sexual abuse of children. -- Diocese: Baltimore, MD
Arturo Ahumada
Deacon. Pleaded no contest in 3/02 of providing pornographic material to 2 boys and misdemeanor sexual battery on one of them between 1999-2000 at Epiphany Church in South El Monte. Taken into custody 5/02 pending sentencing Sentenced 6/02 to 1 ys in county jail, a 44-month suspended state prison term, 5 yrs felony probation, and required to register as sex offender. -- Diocese: Los Angeles, CA
Augustine K. Jones
Convicted 1968 of abuse of boy. Rec'd 3 yrs probation and treatment. More charges in 1993 of abuse in 1990. Indicted 1993 and pled guilty. Rec'd 4 yrs probation. -- Diocese: Chicago, IL
Augusto Cortez
Arrested 6/08 and charged with touching the breast of a 12 yr old girl on 5/29/08. He worked with students at Saint John the Baptist School, in Bushwick. Per The Tablet 3/1/08, Cortez had been working at Centro de Evangelizacion San Vicente de Paul but was to return to his order, effective 12/31. Sentenced to 6 yr probation 7/09. -- Diocese: Brooklyn, NY
Avdon Serratos
Priest visiting from Colima diocese in Mexico. Sexually abused a 15-year-old girl on 8/10/03 during confession, was arrested, pled no contest, and in 2004 was sentenced to a year in jail. Archdiocese could not determine whether Serratos had been granted faculties to minister. -- Diocese: Los Angeles, CA
Barry E. Ryan
Air Force Chaplain for many years. Left military in 1995 after investigation in 1994 for sexual misconduct with minor in Mobile, AL. Also left active priesthood. Name became known in 2003. Pleaded guilty in late 2004 to abuse of a 6 yr old boy in fall of 2003 in NY. Suffering from stomach cancer. Resided at St. Luke's, rather than jail, because ofr "Health.". Attempted suicide 8/07 to avoid sentencing. Remanded to prison 10/29/07. Living at St. John Vianney Renewal Center as of 6/09. -- Diocese: Brooklyn, NY
Barry F. Bossa
Bossa pleaded guilty in 1974 to charge of misdemeanor sexual abuse of a 12 yr old boy. Served no jail time. Order knew; still let him be ordained. 2 victims filed suit in Boston in 2002 They allege he performed oral sex on them as 8 and 10 yr olds in Bridgewater in 1970s when he was a "parish brother." Worked in NY archdiocese in 2002. Transferred to Rome after NY Archdiocese learned of 1974 charges and pulled his privileges. MA charges filed and attempts made to extradite him. Died 5/07. -- Diocese: Boston, MA
Bernard Dabbene
Suspended 11/00 after found in car with 17 yr old boy. Sentenced to 3 yr probation and community service. Named in 2003 civil suit which alleged he was part of a ring of child molesters at Salesian High School from 1969-1973. Dabbene is former official with SF Archdiocese. He lived at the Salesian provincial headquarters for years. Died 9/9/10. -- Diocese: San Francisco, CA
Bernard Ward
Ward, a former priest and current radio talk show host, was indicted on federal internet child porn charges 12/07. His attorney reports that charges relate back to events 3-4 yrs ago when Ward was researching a book. Left priesthood in 1979 or 1980. He reportedly emailed child porn pictures to a woman who immediately turned him over to police & FBI. Originally pled not guilty. In 5/08 he pled guilty to 1 count. 5/08 articles allege abuse when he was still priest. Sentenced 8/08 to 7+ yrs. -- Diocese: San Francisco, CA