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Over the past few decades, Christian rock has been one of the fastest growing genres in all of music as this comprehensive list of the top Christian rock bands shows. Some of the genre's biggest groups dominate the radio in certain markets. In the heartland of America, many Christian rock bands outsell and outperform some of the biggest names in pop. Though the contemporary Christian music doesn't get as much attention in the mainstream as it does elsewhere, this particular brand of rock has resonated with fans that like the message that religious music sets forth. 

But, is there a way to settle the debate among fans over what is the best Christian rock band? This list seeks to answer the question of which of the biggest and brightest stars in the genre can truly be considered greatest. There are a variety of groups on here, including classic outfits from the 90s like Jars of Clay and Switchfoot. The list has also includes younger groups like Skillet and Paramore as well so that there's plenty of variety when it comes to selecting what Christian bands to vote for.

Who are the best Christian rock bands of all time? Who is the greatest Christian rock musician ever? If you're a fan of Christian rock music, these are the bands who will always been included in the debate. but it's up to you to decide vote counts in determining who is the top Christian rock band. This list of Christian rock bands seeks to determine exactly who is the best.

Most divisive: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
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  • Skillet
    3,761 votes

    With their unique blend of symphonic rock and powerful lyrics, Skillet has become a force of nature in the Christian rock scene. Bursting onto the scene in the late '90s, they have since released numerous chart-topping hits, showcasing their versatility by incorporating electronic and metal elements into their music. Their energetic live performances and heartfelt messages of hope and redemption resonate with fans worldwide, solidifying their place among the most influential bands in the Christian rock genre.

  • Hailing from Canada, Thousand Foot Krutch holds nothing back with their infectious blend of hard rock and rapcore elements. Since the late '90s, the band has carved a niche for themselves with their heavy riffs and high-energy performances that draw in crowds of all ages. A relentless dedication to their faith and the message of the gospel is intertwined within their catchy melodies and in-your-face lyrics, making them an unmistakable presence in the world of Christian rock music.

  • Switchfoot
    2,194 votes

    Since forming in the '90s, Switchfoot has consistently built a reputation as one of the most respected bands in the Christian rock scene. Seamlessly blending thought-provoking lyrics and compelling musicality, Switchfoot consistently challenges listeners with messages of hope and self-reflection. Over the years, they have demonstrated their ability to evolve, experimenting with different sounds and styles while maintaining their spiritual foundation, making them a lasting presence in the world of Christian rock.

  • Newsboys
    2,059 votes

    As pioneers of the Christian rock scene, Newsboys have been captivating audiences since the 1980s. With an undeniable pop sensibility and lyrics-focused approach, they've tackled topics such as faith, perseverance, and love throughout their illustrious career. Newsboys have not only pushed the boundaries of the genre but also have made significant strides to break into mainstream culture, creating timeless anthems that have captivated listeners both inside and outside of the Christian community.

  • Third Day
    1,839 votes

    This Southern rock-infused Christian band has been a mainstay in the genre since their formation in the early '90s. Third Day is known for its soulful vocals, driving guitar riffs, and heartfelt lyrics centered around faith and redemption. With numerous accolades under their belt, including several Grammy Awards, they have left an indelible mark on the Christian rock community and continue to inspire future generations of musicians and listeners alike.

  • Red
    2,304 votes

    Known for their cinematic and atmospheric sound, Red has garnered a dedicated fan base since bursting onto the Christian rock scene in the mid-2000s. Their music seamlessly blends aggression and vulnerability, resulting in a sonic landscape that is both intense and introspective. By exploring themes of struggle, faith, and redemption through their emotionally driven lyrics, they continue to provide solace and inspiration to listeners impacted by their powerful message.