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10 Christmas Anime That Are Worth a Rewatch Any Time of the Year

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When it's time to get in the holiday spirit, there's nothing quite like sitting down to enjoy some Christmas anime. Anime that's perfect for Christmas can put anyone in the holly jolly spirit or even just serve as a festive backdrop while you open presents. Even after Christmas has come and gone, these anime will still be there to keep you as festive as ever. 

  • Tokyo Godfathers
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    It’s hard to think of an anime that is packed with more holiday spirit than Tokyo Godfathers. This heartwarming and hilarious anime follows three homeless friends who find something rather unusual as they are out rummaging through the trash on Christmas Eve—a baby. They give the child a meaningful name, Kiyoko, and attempt to find her mother. It’s a good deed that takes them on an unbelievable journey - perfect for the holiday season or anytime you're looking for a heartfelt tale. 

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  • Toradora (Episode 19)
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    Toradora follows a group of friends whose love lives create one tricky web of relationships. The anime as a whole is not holiday themed, but the “Christmas Eve Festival” episode will take your emotions on a serious ride. It’s where the series really sees a lot of things reach a boiling point, so be prepared for some tears along with your laughs for this one. 

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  • Itsudatte My Santa!
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    If anyone can make a good Christmas anime series, it’s Love Hina creator Ken Akamatsu. The anime has a storyline you would expect from most holiday movies but delivered with all the quirk and emotion you would expect from a great anime. The protagonist, named Santa, was born on Christmas Eve but actually hates the holiday. That is, until he comes across a young woman who seems determined to get this grumpy Santa in the holiday spirit. 

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  • Kanon is a great anime to check out around the holidays, but most anime-lovers will tell you that this is one of the rare occasions when a remake is better than the original. The 2006 version is widely regarded as better than the original series, which was released back in 2002. The anime is set in a wintry town and follows a young man who realizes that he has very few memories of the good old days he used to spend here. While the anime is a harem, the depth of all the characters makes you feel a special connection to each of these love interests as opposed to feeling like the women are just there to take up space in the story.

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