Expectation Vs. Reality: Christmas Edition

We've all had our fair share of holiday fails. You see, sometimes, things don't always end up going exactly like you imagined them in your head. That's why this special holiday edition of “expectation versus reality” will make you feel right at home. Here you'll find a collection of funny Christmas photos that demonstrate with startling clarity how things just don’t always turn out the way we dream, even - and perhaps especially - when it comes to the holidays.

The next time you feel like your holiday season isn’t chalking up to much more than a series of unfortunate Christmas fails, know you're in good company. We’ll show you the horrible truth about what generally tends to transpire beneath the average mistletoe and what would happen if most of us ever actually attempted to roast chestnuts over an open fire. You’ll also regain the assurance that you’re not the only Pinterest user out there whose holiday DIY attempts tend to go completely awry each time you attempt to replicate those adorable holiday photos featuring babies or pets.

No matter how hard the holidays may get each year, rest assured that as long as you’re armed with this expectation vs reality Christmas list, you’ll never have to face them alone.