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All The Ghosts Of Christmas Yet To Come, Ranked By Scariness

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Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol has been a mainstay of the holiday season for generations. The heartwarming tale of an elderly miser learning the true meaning of Christmas is ingrained in everyone's minds, and for over a century, filmmakers have been adapting the tale for screens both big and small. 

One of the most pivotal figures of A Christmas Carol is the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, who shows Ebenezer Scrooge dark visions of what may come to pass - for both himself and those around him - if he refuses to give up his greedy ways. The ghost usually appears as a tall, skeletal figure in a flowing dark cloak. Rather than speaking to Scrooge like its Past and Present counterparts, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come gestures silently towards the unfolding action, allowing Scrooge to see firsthand the horrors his actions may bring.

Each Christmas Carol adaptation lends itself to a new and freshly terrifying version of the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, but which is the most frightening of all? 

  • Disney's motion-capture adaptation of A Christmas Carol depicts the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come as a shadowy, shape-shifting mass that leads Scrooge on a horrifying journey through the streets of London. As Scrooge is about to plummet into his grave, the spirit reveals his skeletal face and piercing, glowing eyes.

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    A Christmas Carol (1910)

    In one of the earliest film adaptations of Dickens's classic tale, the final ghost of Christmas appears as a nearly transparent specter in flowing, gauzy robes. 

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  • This musical adaptation of A Christmas Carol first portrays the final ghost as a billowing black robe with no features - until it reveals its true skeletal form when it condemns Scrooge for his greed.

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  • This version of the story, released as A Christmas Carol in the US, portrays the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come as a tall, mysterious figure in black robes. His ghostly white hand guides Scrooge on the last leg of his journey.

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