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Small But Festive Details From Christmas Movies That Fans Noticed

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Every year... usually beginning in November, televisions around the Western world are filled with images of Christmas. Whether it's an airing of A Christmas Story, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Miracle on 32nd Street, or National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, it's a pretty safe bet that at least one of those movies and countless more are playing at any given time in the month of December.

There's a good reason for that: people love Christmas movies! They make you feel good, and they are stuffed with nostalgia that reminds us what the holiday season is all about. Every Christmas movie is stuffed with fun and festive details that some fans have noticed while others missed them on a first, second, or 500th viewing.

Many of those fans have taken to the MovieDetails subreddit to share the small but festive details from Christmas Movies that they've noticed. The most interesting of them are listed below, so take a look and be sure to upvote any you didn't already know to see which one rises to the top!