The Biggest Christmas Myths and Legends, Debunked

It's time to find the real stories behind Christmas legends and holiday myths. With over 2,000 years of history, the Christmas holiday comes with a host of myths, legends, lies, misconceptions, and commonly believed things that are just completely wrong. From the origin of the holiday itself, to the historical date and year of Christ's birth, to the modern marketing of iconic Christmas figures like Santa Claus, much of what is commonly believed about Christmas simply isn't true. How accurate is the Bible Christmas story? What's the real history of Christmas trees? And are we really losing Christ in Christmas?

It's easy to put aside historical falsehoods and simply enjoy the festivities of the holiday season. But what Christmas stories are not real? Is the date of Christmas really Jesus' birthday? Are there any true Christmas myths? If you really want to know where Santa comes from, when Jesus might have been born, and what U.S. state banned Christmas for a while, check out these widely believed Christmas myths below and get the real story of Christmas.

These Christmas myths and legends are probably stories you've never even questioned, but will completely change how you see this Christian holiday. Before you hang the lights, trim the tree, and put out Santa's milk and cookies, be sure to read up on the Christmas facts you didn't know weren't even true.