The Most Cringeworthy Christmas Puns

There's nothing merrier than a good Christmas pun! Do you sometimes find yourself desperately attempting to repress your laughter as everyone else is rolling their eyes at a dumb pun that you secretly find hilarious? Do you have an annual alter-ego who just can’t get enough of eye roll-inducing Christmas puns and funny Santa jokes every time the holiday season rolls around? Well if so, you’ve come to the right place because we’re about to unleash some of the most ridiculous Christmas jokes and horrible holiday puns ever known to man!

Here you’ll find everything from short funny Christmas jokes to holiday puns so bad we dare you not to groan. Dreading going to your company’s yearly mind-numbing holiday bash? Why not get liven things up this year by showing up with a couple of bottles of wine and handful of these corny Christmas jokes that’ll do nothing if not loosen the mood! Going to a party full of kids where you’re usual R-rated humor may or may not be appropriate? We say, no problemo! If there’s anyone who can appreciate a good Christmas pun, it’s kids, so stock up on a few of the bad boys you’ll find below!

Whether you’re into funny puns, are looking for a laugh, or are just in the market for a few good old fashioned corny ice breakers, we’ve got you covered with plenty of punny one liners for kids of all ages!