15 People Share Their Worst Christmas Tree Fails So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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Christmas lovers: vote up the worst stories you hope you won't replicate this year.

A home isn't really decorated for the holidays until the Christmas tree is up. Whether you go out and hunt for the perfect real tree every year or prefer the ones made of plastic, it's still a seasonal staple. Unfortunately, it's also a seasonal stressor. These Christmas-loving people are sharing their worst Christmas tree fails so you can avoid making the same mistakes. Read on and vote up the Christmas tree stories you don't want repeat.

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    The Tree Was Covered With Tiny Black Worms

    From a former Redditor:

    The first Christmas my (now ex) husband and I spent together, we decided to buy a real Christmas tree for our apartment.

    To cut a long story short, it transpired that the tree was covered with tiny black worms that fell out all over our sittin- room floor.

    In all my Christmases I've never seen worms on a tree like that before. It was honestly horrible, and I don't really mind bugs or wormy creatures. We had to get rid of the tree ASAP; it was too stressful thinking of the worms continually dropping off the branches onto the floor.

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    The Tree Was Infested With Bugs, And So Was Their Basement

    From a former Redditor:

    My aunt and uncle always get a real tree for Christmas. One year, the morning after they set it up, they found their basement infested with bugs brought in by the tree. My aunt is OCD and a germ freak so she wasn't thrilled.

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    Missed The Window For Tree Disposal And Kept It For Months

    From Redditor u/pocketmole:

    We have always used real trees as opposed to artificial ones, which means they need to be disposed of after the holidays. Back when we lived in an apartment they had a small window of time when you could leave the tree by the curb and they would haul it away for you. Unfortunately we missed that window, which turned into weeks and weeks of pretending the tree just... didn't exist. Sure, the ornaments came down, but the skeletal remains of Christmas stood in our living room as a monument to our evasion of basic responsibilities.

    One day, in late February or so, we realized we could be having friends over for dinner. We thought, "Oh my god. We can't let people know we still have this tree!" So we did what any logical couple would do and hid it in the closet with a white blanket over it. You can imagine how terrifying it was in the beginning when you would get up to use the restroom in the middle of the night and see an 8-foot-tall Christmas tree ghost looming in the doorway.

    I don't know what the final straw was. Maybe it was the storage space we were losing by having a massive cloaked Douglas fir in our closet. Maybe it was that we missed using the blanket that had taken on a new purpose in life. Whatever it was, we knew we couldn't avoid this issue any longer. The problem of how to dispose of the tree still existed. We couldn't leave it at the curb, and we knew wherever we took it, it was going to leave a breadcrumb trail of humiliation straight to our doorstep.

    That's when the saw came out.

    Into the wee hours of the night we carefully disassembled the tree until it was compact enough to fit into a cardboard box. By 2 am we were covered in sweat and sap, but we were able to stealthily discard the box in a nearby dumpster. On that day, we vowed to never again let the disposal of the Christmas tree become an episode of Forensic Files.

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    Spent A Very Uncomfortable Day 'Tree Hunting' With Wet Pants

    From Redditor u/straigh:

    My family (including aunt, grandparents, family friends) always used to go "Christmas tree hunting" at the tree farms where I live. It was a huge event, usually lasted all day. We'd go farm to farm until each family had their perfect tree. When I was a kid, we had just gotten off the hayride out to the far end of the farm when I had to pee. My mom suggested I just pee behind a tree away from everyone, so I tried. I was too young to nature-squat unassisted and ended up peeing square in my pants right at the beginning of our long day. I was less amused than everyone else, to say the least.

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    Inexperience With Real Trees Led To Dad Throwing It Off The Balcony

    From Redditor u/Rekcikssa23:

    My family only ever got one real tree. This being my parents' first buying experience, they didn't know that you can get a slanted trunk that won't stay up. My dad realized that after attempting to get it to stay up multiple times. This was back when he had less control over anger. My mom leaves the room for a bit and comes back to find he had chucked the tree off the balcony of the apartment.

    We've had the same fake tree my whole life.

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    A Real Popcorn String Got Eaten By A Mouse

    From Redditor u/codelee:

    My parents told me that when they were first married, they handmade a popcorn string to go around the tree. Over the next week, they kept noticing that pieces of the popcorn string were missing, but they weren't sure what was doing it because they didn't own any pets. Finally one night they heard a noise out in the living room, so they went to go investigate, and it turns out there was a mouse coming out to eat the popcorn string every night!

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