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Christopher Mirasolo Kidnapped And Assaulted Minors And Nearly Got Custody Of The Child Conceived 

Jessika M. Thomas
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It's not often that a criminal's actions receive more attention almost a decade later than when they initially occurred. Such was the case with Christopher Mirasolo's crimes. He is a two-time convicted rapist who has long since finished serving prison time for the crimes he committed. He still has to register as a sex offender and will always bear the stigma of being a convicted pedophile and will never, ever be given the benefit of the doubt in any unsavory situation that may arise concerning him. So what exactly has Christopher Mirasolo done now to bring about this spotlight of media attention nearly ten years after his crimes were committed?

This time, Christopher Mirasolo hasn't committed any additional crimes - that we know of anyway - rather, he has become the target of reporters for events that unfolded in 2017. Unlike what has been reported in the media, this is not the story of a man who tried to claim custody of a child conceived from assault. Instead, it is a bureaucratic nightmare brought about by elected officials who made a terrible mistake and are now forced to scramble to undo the mess that they caused. But it all began with the crimes committed by Christopher Mirasolo almost ten years ago.

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Where The Case Went Wrong
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What kind of judge would grant a custody order to someone who was guilty of raping the 12-year-old mother of the child? Apparently, one who was completely uninformed. The judge had access to the basic facts, which included the names and addresses of the mother and father and the fact that a paternity test would be required to prove Mirasolo was the father of the child. The judge was completely in the dark about Mirasolo's criminal history and thought that this was just a simple child custody case. The courts later blamed the prosecutor's office for not providing the information to the judge. The prosecutor put out a news release basically stating that they were not aware of the previous charges against Mirasolo, that they were going off of the documents provided by the state in which the victim was asking the state for public assistance and provided information about the father. 

What's more, after Mirasolo took the paternity test and had knowledge that he was the father, he had no intention of seeking visitation or seeing the child.

The Victim Responds To The Custody Order
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After learning that a judge had ordered her to move back to Michigan and put her rapist's name on her son's birth certificate because he now has joint custody, Minasolo's victim was fed up. Determined that there was no way on earth she was sharing custody of her child with the man who raped her over eight years ago, she contacted an attorney. "This is insane," her attorney told reporters. But hopefully, this is once that the insanity will work out in the victim's favor. Another judge later rescinded the custody order.