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Chronicle Movie Quotes

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'Chronicle' movie quotes represent the best lines from this 2012 science fiction/horror movie directed by Josh Trank and written by Max Landis, the son of famed director John Landis. This "found footage" movie is told through the eyes of a trio of Portland, Oregon, teenagers who somehow gain superpowers after making a bizarre discovery in some nearby woods. See a favorite 'Chronicle' movie quote listed? Vote it up! And if your fave quote from 'Chronicle' isn't on this list, definitely add it.

How would you handle yourself if you suddenly gain a superpower? Would you use it for good, or for evil? That's the jist of the story in the movie 'Chronicle,' as three teens try to figure out how to use the powers they're given (flight, telekinesis and invunerability). Together, Matt Garetty (Alex Russell), Steve Montgomery (Michael B. Jordan) and Andrew Detmer (Dane DeHaan) try to figure out what they can do - and what they can and can't do with the powers they're given.

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    Get the Gum

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    Matt Garetty: "Are we rolling? I'm going to get the gum, pull it right out of his mouth."
    Steve Montgomery (laughing): "Why are we running?"

    Once the guys realize they have special powers, pranks and hilarity ensue. They start out videotaping their antics for fun. Pulling gum out of someone's mouth and making a teddy bear in a toy store levitate (and scaring the heck out of a little girl) seems harmless - but things take a dark turn, eventually.
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    The Black Guy

    Steve Montgomery: "Yes, it was the black guy this time..."

    Moving a woman's car in a parking lot is just one example of the things these guys can do. Steve has no problem displacing the lady's vehicle - and once again, everything is caught on tape.
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    The Discovery

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    Steve Montgomery: "Matt, look at this!!"

    When Matt, Steve and Andrew head into a remote area in the woods, they find something they can't explain. After investigating, the teens somehow come out with incredible superpowers. The whole thing, and the events that follow, are captured on film.
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    Getting Stronger

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    Matt Garetty: "It's like a muscle...we're getting stronger."

    Matt and the others figure out pretty quickly that the more they use their new superpowers, the stronger they're becoming.
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