All of the Horrible Things That Have Happened at Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese's is supposed to be a family friendly place where you can take your kids and let them run around like maniacs while you eat pizza and sigh with the other parents who are too tired to speak. But for some reason, some of the most insane things happen at Mr. Cheese’s restaurant. Most of the Chuck E. Cheese horror stories on this list sound like they’re straight out of a Law & Order writer’s nightmares, but they’re all true. You’re going to think twice about taking the family out for pizza and skee ball after reading about all of these horrible things that have happened at Chuck E. Cheese's.

For whatever reason, Chuck E. Cheese crimes tend to fall into some of the most violent and gross categories of unlawful offenses that exist. Whether it’s creepy dudes smoking heroin in the bathroom, or creepy dudes taking pictures of kids, all of these Chuck E. Cheese stories are definitely going to activate your ick factor. If there are any lessons to be learned from this list of true and terrible things that have happened at Chuck E. Cheese's, it’s that you should keep an eye on your kids, and never trust cartoon mice – no matter how cute they may be.

After you finish reading about all of these horrible crimes that took place at Chuck E. Cheese's, tell everyone about your own run-ins with Mr. Cheese. Did he take pity on you? Or did he make you clean the ball pit?

Photo: Mike Mozart / Flickr / CC-BY 2.0

  • Massive Brawl Breaks Out In Connecticut
    Video: YouTube

    Massive Brawl Breaks Out In Connecticut

    After being told to "tone it down" by a manager, a 12-person brawl broke out after two women bumped into each other. No children were injured during the incident and police have not made any arrests.
  • Tire Flies Through Window, Injuring Three

    In 2015 a 63-year-old woman drove her car into a ditch and hit a telephone pole causing the tires to fly off her car and go through the window of a nearby Chuck E. Cheese's, injuring three kids who were treated on the scene.
  • Malfunctioning Photo Machine Leads To Aggravated Assault
    Video: YouTube

    Malfunctioning Photo Machine Leads To Aggravated Assault

    In Parma, OH, five Chuck E. Cheese's employees were attacked by a group of people who were angry over a malfunctioning photo machine. One of the employees said that he was slammed into a table and was on the receiving end of an uppercut from one of the customers.

    By the time the police arrived the culprits had run away.

  • Fistfight Breaks Out Over Stolen Cellphone

    While visiting Chuck E. Cheese's with two children, Wanda Jackson attempted to steal another woman's phone and got into a fight over the piece of tech. The police report says that the victim spit in Jackson's face and that's when things got hairy. Jackson was charged with third-degree assault.
  • Man Picks Up The Wrong Child After Eating Pizza

    It was bound to happen at least once, and in January 2016 a man literally picked up the wrong kid from Chuck E. Cheese's and almost walked away with him before realizing that he was holding the wrong child.
  • Skee Ball Fight Ends With Assault Charges

    After a grown woman pushed a two year old who was playing skee ball, the two year old's mother decided to make things real and get into a fist fight with the other woman. The women fell into the skee ball machine and had to be broken up by the Chuck E. Cheese's staff.